The Way It Was: The Killers Live in Manila


A few days back, my amazing friends and I took time off our busy schedules to make time to hang out and catch The Killers perform live at Araneta Coliseum! I must say, all the hype about watching them live was definitely true. I expected them to be amazing, and they definitely performed beyond my expectations! Definitely a must-see-live type of band! I totally love them!


They opened the concert with Mr. Brightside and wow, it got the crowd pumped up!  Cams and I were jumping and singing when this played.. And pretty much during the entire concert, haha! Fan girls much?!


I can’t believe I got to catch The-freakin-Killers live. I want to say a MASSIVE thank you to SM Accessories for making this happen. I was THISCLOSE to watching them back when they were originally coming over but the tour was cancelled.. At least they pushed through with it this time!


Aside from the awesome band — the lights definitely made the concert even better! Amazing.


It’s very rare to see or watch artists connect with the audience when you watch concerts in Manila. I can only name a handful of artists who have performed here in Manila, that I caught, who was able to achieve this – – The Killers is definitely one of them. They had the audience’s attention the whole time. The performance level was high and you can tell that they were enjoying themselves. Very impressive indeed!


I just want to say.. I LOVE YOU BRANDON FLOWERS!!!


Sadly the concert had to come to an end but it definitely left me and my friends on a Killers High. We couldn’t stop singing their songs.! We were in a Killers hungover! What a night. Hmmm.. I wonder what concert I’ll watch next or what festival I’ll be going to! Can’t wait to watch another great show and blog about it!


BTW! Before I end this, don’t you just love how my girlfriend, Cams, and I were totally matching that night? Just so you all know, we did not plan this! I guess it proves what they say true, “great minds like alike!”

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  1. stephy macasaet on

    crazy matchy outfits!! Even your chosen bags are the same! hahahaha i’m sure you both giggled when you saw each other’s outfit that night!

  2. Stella Roa on

    I can imagine how fun it was! Thank you for giving us a glimpse of how you spend time with your friends 🙂

  3. Grace Punzalan on

    KILLERS!!! Nanuod din ako! Sayang I didn’t see you 🙁

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