BTS: Lifestyle Asia Magazine Shoot


Every single time I take part in shoots, I make sure that I snap BTS photos so I can share the experience and for all my readers to get a glimpse of what goes on. For this post, I take you behind the scenes of my Lifestyle Asia shoot. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t ecstatic about this feature. I have always enjoyed flipping through the pages of this magazine. Aside from it being a lifestyle magazine, they too are very fashionably inclined. I can’t put into words how thankful I am for the amazing opportunity to be part of their Influencer Issue. They featured young people who they thought were the big influencers this coming year. Now, how awesome is that, right? This is definitely a big deal for me and I am extremely proud to be chosen to be part of that list. I hope you enjoy this photo diary of what happened during the shoot!

LifeStyleAsia_Its_Paradigma_2 LifeStyleAsia_Its_Paradigma_3

The first part of the shoot was done inside a restaurant/bar of the Maxim’s Hotel. If you notice the mood of the photos is quite serious and more sophisticated. I tried my best to deliver. Do check out the magazine and let me know how you find it! I’d love to hear from all of your by leaving comments below.


We were given pegs of how they wanted us to be dressed for the shoot. I made sure I wore the perfect gown, so I paid Pablo Cabahug a visit at his shop. He allowed me to pullout a couple of pieces and one of them is this gorgeous pink-ish-nude gown which had this great slit and amazing back detail! The stylist of the shoot fell in love with it, I mean, who wouldn’t? The colour and the details are out of this world.




The second set was done by the pool and this time it was more on the playful and fun side. The original layout plan was for me to jump into the pool. YES, imagine my jumping into the pool — thing is, the fact that my dress was a pullout made me have to turn down the plan. If only I knew I would have brought something that can be submerged in water. It would’ve been a really cool idea if you ask me!!

LifeStyleAsia_Its_Paradigma_7 LifeStyleAsia_Its_Paradigma_8

I wish I looked like this everyday.. *siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh*


The power of styling! My gown turned into a dress. We couldn’t risk getting it wet. So the stylist had to tie it behind me, away from the water. We had to improvise all for the sake of that one perfect shot!


I hope you can all head on over to the closest magazine stand or bookstore to grab yourself a copy! Before I end this post.. Again, I’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone behind Lifestyle Asia for giving me the privilege to be called one of your young influencers. I am truly grateful. This is a shoot and feature that will always be very dear to me. Looking forward to working with everyone again (hopefully in the very near future)!

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  1. Ollyvia Laura on



  2. Chloe Alexandria on

    Oh no! I wouldve loved to see you jump into the pool while looking all glammed up! but of course we dont want to ruin that lovely gown that you wore 😉 LOL. I’m excited to grab a copy of the magazine. I’m obsessed with the look! I love seeing you wear those sophisticated dresses from time to time. You’re such a beauty and you deserve to be in that list 🙂

    • Patricia Prieto on

      Hahaha! Maybe next time! 😛 Can’t wait for you all to read the article, and thank you for your comment btw! 🙂 I’m very flattered.

  3. Stella Roa on

    OH MY GOSH! Congratualtions! Talagang ibang level ka na girl!!! IDOL!

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