Love Is For Everyone


Before I get started on talking about my outfit for today, I would just like to greet you all a very HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! May your day be filled with love, joy, happiness and laughter — whether or not you’re with or without someone special. If you ask me though, even if you don’t have a significant other, your family and friends do count as those very special people you can celebrate love with today (and everyday actually). Besides, Valentine’s Day and love is for everyone, (regardless of status) am I right?

Okay, so enough V-Day talk! Let’s start talking about this cool and casual new look I have on my blog today, shall we? I bought these paper bag pants a few days ago cause I had this urge to experiment in terms of the pieces I buy when I shop. This is totally something I don’t wear often. I’m glad I got it (with a little coaxing from my mum too of course) because I swear I would’ve regretted it big time if I didn’t. I paired off my paper bag trousers with a cropped top (I actually want to use a loose fitting top with these pants one day soon), added some colour with the help of this cute boho bag and even wore my abuelita‘s old pair of heels with them! Talk about mixing new and vintage. If you’re thinking about what to wear today or tonight — you don’t need to be too flashy and too dressed up. Wearing something casual like this will be a good choice as well for you girls who aren’t too keen on being to dressed up for a date! I’d totally wear this out one a date if you ask me! But of course better ask your date what his plans are cause you wouldn’t want to be not dressed enough for the occasion. Btw, don’t forget to listen to my Deezer Valentine’s Day Playlist today! x

Zara_Pants_Its_Paradigma_2 Zara_Pants_Its_Paradigma_3 Zara_Pants_Its_Paradigma_4 Zara_Pants_Its_Paradigma_5 Zara_Pants_Its_Paradigma_6 Zara_Pants_Its_Paradigma_7

H&M Cropped Top, Midi Rings and Rings | Zara Paper bag Trousers | Charles Jourdan Vintage Heels | Teepee Boho Embroidered Bag | Joanna Preysler Leather Cuff |

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  1. Teepee (@shopteepee) on

    Yayy! Thanks so much, Patrish! It’s such an honor to land on your blog. Looking great as usual! 🙂

  2. Stella on

    I LOVE YOUR PANTS!!!! And omg sino ang maswerteng valentine mo??? Share naman! 😉

  3. Grace Punzalan on

    Happy Valentine’s Day din sa iyo Ate Patricia! Parang iba ang look mo dito noh? Medyo matured but I still love it. Carry mo ito parin!

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