Polo & Joggers


So.. Joggers. Many associate this piece with something sporty, but allow me to change that. I won’t lie, I only thought joggers were only for sports as well. But that was up until I finally bought myself a pair! I can wear these when traveling, while running errands, going to shoots (or maybe even a chill meeting) and believe it or not.. Even while you’re out with friends! You just have to know what pieces to pair it up with. For this look, I wore it out to running errands — I picked a loose white polo to make things a tad bit more dressy and added some colour with the help of my beautiful boho bag and a pair of YSL Tributes. Now, was I able to help change your mind about a pair of joggers?

Joggers_Polo_Its_Paradigma_2 Joggers_Polo_Its_Paradigma_3 Joggers_Polo_Its_Paradigma_4 Joggers_Polo_Its_Paradigma_5 Joggers_Polo_Its_Paradigma_6 Joggers_Polo_Its_Paradigma_7 Joggers_Polo_Its_Paradigma_9

| Uniqlo Button Down | Cara Delevingne x Penshoppe Joggers | Yves Saint Laurent Heels | Teepee Boho Sling Bag | Ray Ban Vintage Sunglasses | Urban Outfitters Rings |

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  1. jerra on

    pretty aslways! 🙂 like the jogger pants! <3

  2. Lala Garcia Ng on

    You look so fashionable here! I am so in love with your shoes!!! Did you shoot this in Beverley Hills? 😉

  3. Jessica Asuncion on

    I like that. Simple with the perfect kick.

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