BTS: #SummeringWithRustans Shoot


If you read my previous blog post (which I wish you all did), I blogged about a shoot I did with Rustan’s along with Laureen and Lissa, plus it was styled our friend Sean! With pops of color, a ton of prints and some funky props — what a morning that was! I always enjoy photoshoots, but this one was special because not only was the theme totally new and unique but I was working with some of the most amazing friends in the world.

DSC03108 DSC03140

Gotta love all the summery pieces! If only my closet was as printed and fun as this!

DSC03125 DSC03145

If you like piña coladas!


Seany fixing up, Laur’s outfit. How cute is that matching top and bottom set?


Selfies all around with, Lissa!

DSC03163 DSC03165 DSC03172

Gotta love my Miley hair do!


Gotta love working with my blogger besties!


After a shoot, my friends and I always seem to goof around. Here you can see Laur and I caught in the act.. Of dancing to Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off! Watch our dance HERE. No shame, all fun!

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