I Am So Proud Of You


Saying that we’re proud of someone can really boost their spirits. Such a simple gesture, but that feeling you get when you hear that being told to you is beyond compare! I wanted to write about three people who have done things this past week that have made me so undoubtedly proud of them.. My mom who just underwent a knee surgery, my sister Pam who took her UPCAT last week and my boyfriend who just finished his first round of law school midterms. There were just so many big things to be proud of during the last few days that I honestly couldn’t pick just one person to talk about. Writing about my personal life isn’t easy for me because I like to keep those things to myself but because I am so happy for them, I couldn’t help myself!


So let me tell you who I chose to write about these specific events: My mom is someone I always looked up to that when I saw her suffering because of a torn meniscus I couldn’t take it (to the point of an anxiety attack). But last Thursday it was finally time for her to make her way to the hospital and get that knee of hers fixed. She almost backed out but I am proud that she didn’t despite the many obstacles she had to overcome leading to her surgery. My youngest sister is slowly growing up. From snapping her graduation photos, to taking review classes for entrance exams, staying up late at night and finally taking her first entrance exam.. The UPCAT! Results don’t come out soon but I am still proud that she did everything she could, and that’s what matters. Lastly, my boyfriend. A month or so ago he started law school in one of the most prestigious law schools in the country, the UP School of Law and had his first ever set of midterms last week. From late night studying, all nighters and thousands of pages worth of readings (that’s not exaggerated btw), I’m proud of him for making it past all that and getting through the week. I know it was a tough one but he powered through.

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If you have family or friends that you know need some cheering up or if you just want to show how much you appreciate and care why not try sending him/her/them a Happygram! There as so much templates you can choose from. You can make everyday moments better by taking a selfie with your happy thought and tagging your family and friends! You can also create your own through Happygram’s microsite. Add #happygrams #sparkitph and tag @hersheysph on Twitter and @hersheyshappy on Instagram! I’d love to see your posts and I’ll be retweeting some of my favorites so you can tag me too so I can see them!! So.. Let’s spread happy thoughts starting today and let’s make everyday moments better.

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  1. what to wear/ on

    I agree, we need to take more time to tell someone we love how much they make us proud. 🙂


  2. irish on

    You’re so flawless and gorgeous! Please do a make-up tutorial 🙁 or post your everyday make-up kit and essentials 🙂

    • Patricia Prieto on

      ME? A makeup tutoria? I don’t know how that works but let me see what I can do 🙂 I’m very camera shy, that’s why LOL

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