2015 in 100 Instagram Posts


As previous year has come to an end (and a pretty quick one at that), allow me to finish off every little thing as I pretty much round up 2015 in 100 Instagram posts. Check out my most memorable and possibly even my favorite moments documented on social media! From my outfits, to travel posts, to group shots, to selfies and of course food photos, here is a quick glimpse of what I enjoyed the most about the year that was.

I won’t get into all the itsy bitsy little details since I like to believe that the photos can speak for themselves. So, enjoy looking back just as much as I did! Gosh, I am most definitely looking forward to posting fun, new and maybe even better Insta shots for you all in the coming days.. Weeks.. And months as well! But now that I’ve mentioned that.. Oh the PRESSURE!

2015_Final_7 2015_Final_14 2015_Final_4 2015_Final_23 2015_Final_1 2015_Final_22 2015_Final_8 2015_Final_25 2015_Final_10 2015_Final_18 2015_Final_24 2015_Final_12 2015_Final_21 2015_Final_5 2015_Final_9NEWEST2015_Final_13 2015_Final_11 2015_Final_17 2015_Final_16 2015_Final_20 2015_Final_19 2015_Final_3 2015_Final_15 2015_Final_6
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