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If you haven’t hear the news about TV 100 launching a bunch of new shows then lucky you because I am here to tell you all about it! I along with a number of cool pairs and individuals are teaming up with TV 100 to produce our own online and mobile shows. From talk shows, makeover shows, to shows about food, movies and even a reality show! Most of these aren’t out just yet but first things first, make sure to download the TV 100 App on either the App Store or the Google Play Store in order to watch the episodes once they come out. Well, what are you waiting for? Hurry and download — you’ll never know what shows might tickle your fancy. But before that, why not continue on reading this post for some fun shots! So without further adieu, my TV 100 BTS post!

IMG_0497 IMG_0510

Nicole and I are going to have a reality show about what it’s like to be well.. Bloggers! It’s called Pa/Nic and trust me when I say that we cannot wait for you all to watch it. You’ll pretty much get to see what it’s really like to be in our shoes, plus a little extra on the side maybe. Just wait and see!

IMG_0513 IMG_0516

So happy to be given this opportunity and to be able to work with this babe!


We had to memorize bit of Same Old Love for the teaser video we shot. Gotta get a copy of that, I’d love for you all to see it!


Jaz-zin’ it up with this girl. She’s hosting a makeover show with Jing Monis called On Fleek!

IMG_0528 IMG_0520

Kyle joking around lol!


Dani and Kyle have a show as well! It’ll be a talk show about being a millennial. That should be interesting! It’s called Rant and it’s one of the shows I’m really excited to watch!

IMG_0495 IMG_0529

So, don’t forget to download the app! And because I opt not to want to give too much away about this, my post shall end here. I’ll be sure to update you all about our shows very soon as well as when other things pop up. Till then!

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  1. ylaiza on

    Will surely download the app I can’t wait to watch you and Nicole. 🙂 #PaNic ♥ Congratulations for this ate pat! 🙂
    PS, I love your shoes and your whole get up. xx ♥

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