Whenever I buy things I like making sure to get interesting pieces that sort of leave this kind of leave this sort of mark in your head after you see me in it. If you have me take a good look at this outfit of mine and ask me what word comes to mind when I look at it, I’d say detailed. From the cool fabric used to make my dress, to the subtle glitters on my clutch, the cool studs on my shoes all the way to the statement rings on my fingers — it’s really all in the details. I wore this outfit to the Cream Silk event that took place last 23rd of January. We were actually asked to wear a black dress and luckily I had saved this piece, because it was the perfect occasion to wear it out! By the way, many more on the event in my upcoming post, gosh, I can’t wait for you all to read about it. But until then, hope you enjoy these photos Nicole shot of me backstage. Forgive the cars and trucks behind me, we had to make do with whatever we had before the sun started to go down! Yeah, yeah, I know.. #BloggerProblem! LOL!

IMG_2936 IMG_2930 IMG_3041 IMG_2929 IMG_3045 IMG_3030 IMG_2948 IMG_2931 IMG_2947 IMG_3026 IMG_2938 IMG_3043

Zara Dress | Valentino Heels | Jimmy Choo Bag | Swarovski Bracelet | Joyce Makitalo and Joanique Rings |

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