Paradise Music Festival: East Meets West

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It’s official: the Paradise International Music Festival is gearing up for their first-ever music spectacle in Manila by bringing in one of the most influential names in the international music industry. Being a huge fan of music festivals (fun fact: I’ve gone to a total of 9 music feasts, one of them being the Gov Ball) aside from me telling you more about this momentous event, I’ll be giving you some of my music fest tips to get to by on the 9th of April! Can you imagine? A music festival that boasts of oneness in a festival of multiple genres in a day.. This is going to be an epic experience. I can feel it.


But before I get going about Paradise, let me share a bunch of tips with you all that might just come in handy on the day of the music festival. From outfit suggestions to ways to make the most of your experience, here are some things you might want to jot down. Just to clarify, these are simply suggestions alright? Well then, here goes my little list of music feast tips!


  1. Dress chic but comfortably and practically. Like wear shoes that can last you the entire day and possibly throw after depending on how dirty they get. Wear clothes that you can easily slip in and out off when going to bathrooms. Also, make sure to wear clothes that won’t cause any mishaps (if you know what I’m saying *coughnipslipscough*)! But hey, if you wanna go all out then by all means do so! You do you!
  2. Know what the weather will be like on the day itself. If it’s going to be hot and sunny out all day long, I suggest leaving those long sleeved tops and leather pieces at home. Instead wear clothes with light fabric, bring a hat to keep you cool and some sunnies to shield your eyes from those rays. But hey, if you can handle the heat then go for it!
  3. Ladies, bring a bag you can wear around your body like a sling bag or a fanny pack — preferably one with a good zipper to prevent unwanted losses that might ruin your experience. Also, make sure it’s water resistant! Being in tight crowds and around booze, you won’t know what might happen. God forbid a drink spills on your precious Givenchy or Céline purses!

NYC2_8(Here’s a shot of my good friend Ivee and I during the Governors Ball back in 2013, we were practically matching that day. We even needed to buy gum boots cause of the mid calf deep mud that was left behind after the storm on the first day)


  1. Before April 9th, be open minded and try to learn some songs by all (or even just some) of the artists, just so you get to know them a bit more. Who knows, you might learn a new favorite song!
  2. On the day of the festival, make sure to keep yourself hydrated (I’m talking about H2O) and protected from the sun! Slap on some sun block to keep your skin from burning during the day.
  3. Learn the schedule of the performers before hand and strategize your moves to make sure you don’t miss out on anyone you want to see that day.
  4. If you’re going with friends or even just a plus one, map out a group or buddy system on that day. This is to make sure no one gets lost when making trips to the bar or bathroom. Setup a meeting point just in case someone goes missing. It happens.
  5. Charge your phones, and take an external battery pack with you if you can!
  6. Try to minimize the use of your phone and cameras during the performances. Enjoy the music, embrace it, feel it! These things don’t happen very often so live in the moment! Take a few shots every now and then but keep it from time to time to stop, watch and listen.


Paradise will surely be a unique experience for everyone as Kanye West will be the main headliner (this guy is something else live). Astoundingly, this will be the first time the recording artist, songwriter, record producer and fashion designer will perform in the Philippines. Confirmed also to perform are the likes of young artist Austin Mahone, highly nominated artist Rudimental and internationally known DJ AfroJack just to name a few from the released line-up. The one day international music festival will happen on April 9th 2016 at the Aseana Open Grounds, Parañaque City and is produced by the experienced Boardworks Media Entertainment. Boardworks aims to treat music enthusiasts live performances from a wide variety of artists from different genres on a ten-hectare concert ground, with stages set up across the field for a uniquely immersive concert experience. So.. Are you ready? Cause I know I am. See you there!

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