#ParadigmaTravels: Tokyo, Japan Vlog


And here it is, a sneak peek into my recent trip to amazing, spectacular, awesome and beautiful Tokyo, Japan!! Check out this short but sweet #ParadigmaTravels: Tokyo, Japan Vlog entry to see some of the things I did during my trip that was six days and five nights long — Or should I say short. From chowing down on some delicious food, walking endlessly, shopping and just soaking in that Tokyo Vibe. I wish I could go back.. But for the meantime, check out my latest travel vlog, subscribe to my channel and get ready to read my travel diaries! I promise to post them within the week.

Speaking of my YouTube channel. Got any cool ideas for me to post? Cause suggestions as totally welcome, so comment below and if it’s something I can do then I’ll be sure to do it! x

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  1. Nicole San Miguel on

    Do the 5 minute make up challenge! 🙂 Hope to see you soon!

  2. Rejoyce Canaynay on

    How about a chubby bunny challenge with your boyfriend, friend or your sister na lang. hahaha!

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