All Patched Up At Topshop And Topman


Last August 13, I along with my other fellow Topshop and Topman brand ambassadors made our way to Rockwell for the back to school event, let’s just say we all patched up at Topshop and Topman! Why? All because one of the highlights of the event was that you could put patches on products you bought that afternoon while listening to some good music and chowing down as well as sipping on some good food and iced tea.

DSC07077 DSC07078

I got the eye patch, the girl gang one as well as a sushi patch on one of my jackets! I’ll be sure to post a photo of me wearing the jacket real soon. Oh and remember the food and drinks I told you about? Well, here’s what they were serving that afternoon.

DSC07073 DSC07075 DSC07076

Sadly, I got there a bit late (due to some bad (and I mean bad) traffic). But it looked good and I’m sure everyone who tried it will agree — cause it was all gone by the time I got there.

DSC07074 DSC07081

The event started at 2PM and lasted till about 6PM, I was even able to catch Jess’ set which which was absolute fun!

DSC07067 DSC07079 DSC07088

The Topshop girls reppin’ that night! Glad I got to know these ladies a little more all cause of this. Which reminds me, have you seen our brand ambassador video? It’s super cool I tell you! Anyway, make your way to Topshop and Topman for some cool deals, awesome finds and more. I still cannot believe that Topshop Philippines picked me to represent them, I am madly in love with this brand and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

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