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On August 2oth, my girl Nicole and I made our way to Trinoma for a fun Wrangler Shape Keeper Styling Session with five lucky girls! I must say, it was my first time visiting the store and I was immediately impressed. The interiors were totally updated, it was nice and bright, it even gave off this cool and laid back sort of vibe which was awesome because you could totally feel what the brand was all about. Great job, to the team behind Wrangler Philippines!


We were all greeted with sweets, orange juice, iced tea and even some coffee!

DSC07313 DSC07292

This sign thing is awesome! I honestly need one of these in my life tbh.


Did you know that when you buy something from Wrangler you can have it personalized? From adding some patches, to lace trimmings, and even some studs all for free! Oh and did I mention they can alter as well? Such a great idea, I even made the girls I styled get their jeans personalized cause it totally added that bit of individuality to the piece.


I don’t even know how many of these I chowed down on. So. Freakin. Good.

DSC07298 DSC07307

Here I am with Nicole as well as five of our Shape Keeper Styling Session winners! We made sure to incorporate each girls individual styles as well as adding that little something to their look as well. I always have fun when it comes to styling related things, so this was totally something I was excited to do!


Check out all the different Shape Keeper styles and washes! I personally like the dark wash Alec ones, it’s not only flattering but dark jeans are a great versatile piece cause it works from day till night. Definitely a closet staple for every girl, trust me when I say that I use these jeans a lot — I feel confident in them! They totally live up to their name.

DSC07317 DSC07306

Meet Maria Hazel! One of the girls I styled, she opted for an everyday look with that cool and edgy feel to her outfit. When it came to the wash of the jeans I made the girls pick (since they’ll be the ones using them) and worked from there. I made her wear a white shirt from the mens section (girls, it’s cool to buy from the mens section too — I personally do that a lot), a cotton biker jacket and a cool vintage-esque belt to give her that cool girl vibe. Lucky me she wore boots that day so it totally completed her look!


Up next is Rita, she opted for something one the girly side which was cool since I got to style an edgy as well as a girly look that afternoon. She picked out dark washed jeans so I decided to make her wear a top that had a lighter shade of denim and gave her a cute brown leather belt with braided details on them. She’s wearing sneakers here but I told her some white sandals or white slip on sneakers would be great with this outfit!


After everything was done and after chatting with the girls, I got a super awesome surprise! A cake from my dear Wrangler Philippines family! The only cake I got to blow out candles from for my birthday so of course I made sure to make a wish! Sadly, I didn’t get to bring the cake home due to me having to rush home to make it to a dinner later that evening. But hey, it was the thought that counts and I was insanely happy and thankful (not to mention surprised) and I will forever remember this!


Two amazing readers of mine, Sheila and Lhav made sure to drop by Trinoma that day to swing by Wrangler just to meet Nicole and I (and even gave up belated birthday cupcakes)! Such sweet girls whom I have gotten to know personally not only through social media but in person as well. I was indeed flattered that they did such a thing and I’m sure Nicole will agree with me. They braved the rain that day just to give Nicole and I a sweet token and never will I ever forget what they did. Girls, thank you so much for making my day extra special and for always showing me love and support, it honestly means the world to me and I cannot thank you enough.


After all that, I sat down and sipped on a great cup of coffee. Did you know that the brew in Wrangler is specially made for the store? It’s so good, easy on the tummy (for those like me who are acidic) and so smooth. Wish I got to take cups or beans home but that just means I gotta visit Wrangler not only to shop but to shop while having a good cup of Joe! So.. Have you gotten your own Shape Keeper jeans yet? If so, post them online because I’d love to see your OOTD’s and I’m sure the brand would love to see your photos as well!

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  1. Maria Hazel on

    Yay! Thank you so much Ms. Patricia! Had so much fun. You’re so pretty and very approachable btw. I enjoyed the styling session. More power to you! 🙂

    • Patricia Prieto on

      I am so happy that you had fun, Maria!! 🙂 I hope I get to do this again, it was a great way to get to hang out with readers like you. Really hope you enjoyed your outfit and thank you so much!! x

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