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I personally am a big coffee drinker, so the taste and quality of what I’m drinking are both a big deal for me. With that said, not all coffee drinks are created equal. That’s what makes coffee-based drinks so exciting—there is one for every lifestyle and need. You can have coffee hot in a cup, iced in a tall glass or blended with crushed ice. Do you want it foamy? Or black? How you enjoy your coffee drink reflects your personality.


It is made from the finest quality coffee, brewed and extracted at 78 degrees which is the perfect temperature for bringing out the flavor of the coffee. If you like sweet coffee then Kopiko 78 will be right up your alley! It’s got this great blend of coffee and milk that is refreshingly recharging on its own or with a meal or snack.

I think Kopiko 78 is the great on-the-go kind of coffee. Why? Aside from it coming in a handy dandy bottle, it’s a great and fast way to recharge anytime during the day.


Kopiko 78 is what I reach for during long days driving around the Metro going from meeting to meeting as well as long shoots helping me tackle any mental or physical challenges that I may need to overcome. It keeps me going, more importantly, it keeps me alert! It gives you a potent boost of caffeine to kick-start your day or recharge you midday.


The body’s reactions to coffee vary from one person to the next. As for me, I like to enjoy a bottle of Kopiko in the morning as well as in the middle of the day. I need that little extra push in the morning as well as a much needed caffeine fix to get me through the rest of my workday. However you like to enjoy your Kopiko 78, let’s all raise our bottles and get recharged today!

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  1. aiczzz on

    Coffee is my pre-workout drink before going to the gym haha…Btw, where did you jet your jacket and leather shorts? i loveee it! <3

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