The 5 Minute Makeup Challenge

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Getting your face ready isn’t easy — so imagine having to do it in FIVE MINUTES. When I asked my readers and followers on social media about what they wanted to see next on my vlog, well this is what they came up with. I honestly thought that it was going to be easy but on the day I filmed myself doing it, that all changed. Oh btw, if you have any other vlog related suggestions on what I should or can do next, voice out your suggestions and I might just do it. So if you have any ideas (trust me, I’m open to anything) on what I can do (or what a friend and I can do) then comment below. Thanks a bunch! Anyway, I’ll end it here cause I’d much rather have you all watch the video instead of me have you all read about it so, without further adieu here it is, my 5 Minute Makeup Challenge! Enjoy!

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