The 5 Minute Makeup Challenge

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Getting your face ready isn’t easy — so imagine having to do it in FIVE MINUTES. When I asked my readers and followers on social media about what they wanted to see next on my vlog, well this is what they came up with. I honestly thought that it was going to be easy but on the day I filmed myself doing it, that all changed. Oh btw, if you have any other vlog related suggestions on what I should or can do next, voice out your suggestions and I might just do it. So if you have any ideas (trust me, I’m open to anything) on what I can do (or what a friend and I can do) then comment below. Thanks a bunch! Anyway, I’ll end it here cause I’d much rather have you all watch the video instead of me have you all read about it so, without further adieu here it is, my 5 Minute Makeup Challenge! Enjoy!

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  1. Mica on

    Even without makeup you’re still beautiful! Any tips on how you were able to potty train your corgi?

    • Patricia Prieto on

      Awww, why thank you Mica! 🙂 I made Ollie get used to being brought outside to do his business every hour so he eventually got used to it. He does still have accidents from time to time but it’s rare that it happens.

  2. LA on

    so pretty with or without make-up <3

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