#ParadigmaMunches: Café Fleur


During my trip to Pampanga with the H&M Philippines team, we were given the stellar opportunity to eat in one of the best restaurants in the city called, Café Fleur. That’s why, here I go again with another restaurant post called #ParadigmaMunches: Café Fleur. It’s a restaurant by Chef Sau and it features a menu of modern Filipino dishes which are not only delicious but are absolutely works of art — that I don’t even know how we all had the heart to eat the food cause everything looked so pretty! Anyway, let me show you what the restaurant is like and what it looks like inside..

IMG_0691 IMG_0689 IMG_0718 IMG_0696 IMG_0701

There are different restaurants inside the house, this photo was shot inside the Thai restaurant and the photo below was from the Filipino restaurant. Which is where we ate and trust me, if you are in the area please make sure to drop by this restaurant. It’s such an original concept and it’s a great place that serves great food with an awesome feel.

IMG_0705 DSCF1697

Okay, I don’t know the exact dishes but remember how I said that everything looked so pretty? Well, take a look:

IMG_0709 IMG_0712 IMG_0713

Catfish and Green Mango Salad

IMG_0715 IMG_0717

Kare Kare with Walnuts instead of Peanuts

DSCF1676 L1170455

Oh damn! Look at this monster milkshake! This wasn’t mine or Lissa’s but we just had to borrow it for photo purposes cause look at that thing, wow!


Well, if you want to know more about Café Fleur then check them out on social media! Again, make sure to visit when you go to Angeles, Pampanga because it’s a place worth going to. Not only is it an experience to be in but an experience in your palette.

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  1. Jullia on

    Wow!! If it was me, I can’t imagine how long it will take me to let myself and others (whoever I’m with!) to dig in to these foods. I might take forever taking photos of the foods and even the place!! Maybe I should ask for a trip to Pampanga sooner!! Love the shots btw!!

  2. Kay on

    We just ate there last Sunday. All the dishes that we ordered are delicious BUT their serving size is a concern for me. I mean, I wouldn’t personally recommend this place for family because of their good for 2 servings. Kinda disappointed because we even went to Starbucks Marquee Mall just to make ourselves fully satisfied before heading back to Manila! If families, like us, drove all the way to Pampanga just to try their food and they’re not going to be satisfied, it’s going to be a waste of gas and toll fee! Anyway, I also left some feedback regarding this matter though. Just sharing my experience 🙂

    • Patricia Prieto on

      I can see how you think the servings were small, I guess I didn’t feel that cause the group I was with basically ordered the entire menu haha! Also I think it depends on how hungry you are when you go there. I had a pretty heavy breakfast that day so I didn’t get to eat as much as I thought but wow the food was amazing I stuffed myself as much as I could 😛

  3. Jullia on

    Hahaha!! Sending apologies for the foods who always have to wait too long before the get eaten. Maybe I should try a timer while I’m taking photos! 😁

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