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When it comes to gadgets, I’m very particular about the quality of the products. Recently I came across the Allocacoc line of products and I must say, I am indeed impressed. Ever since I started blogging I vowed to stay true to who I am and to always promote/write things I not only believe in. The truth of advertising means a lot to me so, with all that said, allow me to show you three products from Allocacoc that I’ve tried and think you all need to know about. Here goes, my Allocacoc x Paradigma post!



I took this with me to my recent trip to Balesin and I think this was one of the handiest things ever! When plugged into just one socket, you immediately gain up to FIVE additional sockets. You’ll never run out of power outlets to use. It also has two USB-charging devices. The dual highpower USB ports (2.1A)! It also comes with different socket plugs making a great travel adaptor as well. Definitely taking this with me on my next trip — that’s for sure!



This specific product is from the DesignNest line. This is a one-of-a-kind crowdfunding platform that provides much more benefit than any other platform, design studio, OEM and distribution network together. This specific product caught my attention cause it’s something I know I can use in many ways. This has an ergonomic solution that allows you to use your laptop while standing, adjusted to an ideal position that keeps your elbows bent at 90 degrees as recommended by experts. Allow me to show you how it works.


It can be collapsed and reopened with a simple twisting motion. Slimmer and lighter than a MacBook Air, you can bring it anywhere in your bag! I use then when I work on the go and when I record my vlog entries. So first, you unfold it and make sure the logos are facing you.

dsc09584 dsc09583

Try to cross the tabs over one another and holding the logo that is on the bottom, push it and VOILA!

dsc09578 dsc09581

This is what it looks like with my laptop on it and I use it when I want to work outside, when I wanna watch movies on my bed, record vlog videos and need to self timer shot myself! Trust me, it’s that handy. I even hide my charger when it’s coiled up in there when it’s reached 100% already. Cool, right?



Music plays a huge part in my life so good speakers are always a must for me and this product is small but terrible! The audioCube’s omnidirectional speakers create a unique 360º audio experience whereby the sound interacts with its environment. Wanna bring it to the beach with you? No problem! It has an internal battery life that lasts up to 12 hours, longer than any other similar-sized portable wireless speaker — plus it’s got Bluetooth so you can control it using your phone.

Cool products right? Well, if you like them (the AudioCube to be exact) I’ll be giving one away on Instagram so I hope you’re following me! Visit my profile and look for the photo to see the instructions! Good luck! x

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  1. Jullia on

    Music is life!! Loooove that audio cube hope I could have one huhu Pat! Great knowing you love music too!

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