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Many have wondered how I keep my hair alive despite all the coloring, bleaching and styling I go though. I’ve been experimenting with my hair for years — right after I got out of high school to be specific. From multi-colored streaks, bright red, dip dyed, ombréd, highlights.. I did it all! Now I change my look every few months. I have always liked playing with my hair because at the end of the day you can run back to the salon to change it. Plus, if you don’t like it anymore, chopping it off it sort of like your restart button and you’re free to experiment again, and again, and again!

The downside? Each time my hair took a beating. Especially the times I got the ends bleached and whenever I’d go to the beach! Years back when I ombréd it, I remember showering and tiny bits of the ends of my hair would just.. Fall! Luckily, I decided to take matters to my own hands and instead of paying so much for hair treatments, I decided to buy myself a bottle of Cream Silk Daily Treatment Conditioner and haven’t used any other conditioner since!

So, over the holidays I took on a hair challenge. I knew I was going to style my hair on Christmas Eve and that there was a possibility of sun damage since I was going to the beach for about a week. So made sure I used Cream Silk Daily Treatment Conditioner every single day cause it’s the only thing that I knew could save my locks. So! You Can using Cream Silk everyday really make a difference? Read this fun 12 days of hair with Cream Silk list of hair care tips to find out my secrets to keeping my hair healthy this holiday season.


DAY 1: Lady Who Lunches

I normally don’t use hair dryers, instead I prefer air drying my hair. This is what my hair normally looks like when I air dry it, it’s got a bit more volume than usual and it give me some natural waves too! Try avoiding hair dryers cause they dry out the ends of your hair. It’s bad enough that the sun can do that — so adding to it isn’t a good idea.


DAY 2: Family Day Sunday

Thankfully the wind didn’t really cause too much tangles post conditioning. It was easy to run my hands through my fingers to fix it and style it after. When using conditioner, try applying it to only the tips of your hair (unless it’s for hair fall) so it doesn’t cause the crown of your head to be a little oilier than usual.

DAY 3: Christmas Shopping

Despite me saying that blow drying your hair is a bad idea — sometimes a girls just gotta do it! I really hate leaving home with wet hair so when that is about to happen and as much as I hate it, I have to take my hair dryer out. Sadly, cause of that my hair looks flat to me but my ends were still smooth as ever cause I made sure to condition my ends and leave it on for 3 minutes before rinsing properly.


DAY 4: Tres Marias

My sister Pauline came home so we made sure to take me out to lunch! Again, air dried my hair but played around with some sea salt spray to get some extra texture with my hair. The crown of my head though is shiny and despite my ends looking quite bad.


DAY 5: Braided Up

I attended a debut and because of it being some sort of event of course I needed to style my hair. Again I had to blow dry it and then I braided both sides of my hair to add a but of drama and style to my hair. Did you know that ponytails and braids can cause hair to break, especially if your style is pulled tightly? If you wear it that way every day, permanent hair damage can occur but despite the styling and braiding my hair looks healthy and very shiny I must say! Besides, I don’t do this everyday.

8_1 8_2

DAY 6: Christmas Eve

Every Christmas Eve my family and I get together with our family friends well, family to celebrate but aside from that I also visit the family of my boyfriend to do the same. Whenever the 24th comes rolling in, I always make sure to look my best cause aside from wanting to look good — so much photos are taken! Sadly, I had to curl my hair at the salon so my hair went through some heat damage. What I did was to make sure to shampoo and condition my hair the moment I got home to make sure my hair didn’t die on me after that evening.

DAY 7: Electric Feel

Before driving to the beach, I made sure to squeeze a quick workout. As mentioned earlier, pony tailing and braiding your hair can cause significant damage. Over time this will put a strain on the finer hair around the front hairline and make it go thinner and become weak. That’s why right after my workout, I gently removed my hair elastic and massaged my scalp after. Surprisingly, despite the tight pony, my hair fell back to place perfectly and it didn’t look or feel damaged at all to me!


DAY 8: Pre-Beach Prep

The day before my family and I drove to the beach, I already prepped myself for some sun damage. Remember, you should always protect your hair in the sun no matter what! Whether hair is dyed or not, the sun can be damaging to texture and tone. However, if you have a lot of color work done to your hair and don’t protect it, there is a greater chance of oxidation. Oxidation can make your hair turn brassy! So I packed a couple of hats, some extra conditioner and even coconut oil!


DAY 9: Wind In My Hair, Don’t Care

The first day of my post-Christmas-pre-2017 week long beach trip! Luckily, the salty air and wind in hair look worked. Did you know that you can leave conditioner on your hair before getting in the water? Since my friends and I ride speed boats and hop on jetski’s what I do is wet my hair with bottled water then lather some conditioner on my ends before tying it in a bun. This creates a barrier between the water and your hair, minimizing the damage and it’s also conditioning at the same time so you avoid having dried out hair.


DAY 10: Wavy

After swimming (with a cap on this time) I rinsed my hair and body off with some fresh water to remove the salt water. Instead of putting my hair in a bun to dry, I let the salty air take care of that. It gave me my natural waves and luckily my hair still looked healthy despite being under the sun again and it was still easy for me to run my fingers through my hair when the wind got in the way! Of course, again I conditioned when I showered after. Some say not to condition your hair everyday but do make an exception when at the beach as well as when it’s summer since the sun shines brighter than a diamond during these times!

11_1 11_2

DAY 11: Last Day In Paradise

I keep my hair safe from the sun yet again — I kept it in a (not tight) bun during the hours when the sun was extra hot then put my hair down when the sun was about to set. I did the whole conditioner in my hair pre-water and sun exposure which again helped protect my locks. Even while my hair was damp, I’d lather on a pea-sized amount of conditioner on the ends of my hair to make sure all was good. I put a tiny amount of conditioner to a small bottle that I left in my bag while I was at the beach. Better safe than sorry!


DAY 12: Stayin’ Alive

A couple of days after the beach my family thought that it would be a good idea to go out of town — that meant outfit photos in a new location (yay)! It was when I got a good look at the photos I shot that I noticed that despite being in the beach for so long, my hair remained healthy all thanks to my constant use of my favorite Cream Silk Daily Treatment Conditioner. Also, I didn’t mind having to do the same steps over and over again as long as I made sure that my hair was protected and because of that, my hair is still alive!

SO! The awesome folks from Cream Silk Philippines know all about this little list of mine and they’re keen on giving you guys something special so you too can keep your hair healthy and shiny! So, get a chance to win free Cream Silk Gift Packs but joining this fun little giveaway! Awesome, right?

Okay, how to join? Well, if you have any holiday hair care tips to add to my list share them with me in the comments section below or simply tweet them to me along with the hashtag #CreamSilkEveryday! Can’t wait to learn more tips from you all!

Winners will be chosen 31st of January, so lets get it on! Good luck, everyone!

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  1. Rica on

    Hi!ms patricia.. can i ask, aside from daily conditioning, what else can you suggest for regular salon treatment? Im hair is straight, but still unmanagable.. i love ur hair, and im dying to ask you this question , since i think your hair is so beautiful,and luckily i saw this post! hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!😊

    • Patricia Prieto on

      I don’t have time to go to the salon which is why I make sure that my conditioner is perfect for my hair! I condition every other day except during summer time and whenever I’m at the beach 🙂

  2. Glenda De Castro on

    Any holiday tips that I will give is that just simply take good care of ur hair. Learn how to brush and comb ur hair easily and in simpliest way. Like me i just have plain simple hair without using any brand of conditioner or treatment. I just washed my hair with creamsilk after I shampoo it. That’s it! Simple as that. Hoping that I could win please let me and choose me Ate pat. Also, ur my fave. blogger too I want to meet u soon. Thank u and God bless. ❤

  3. Elaine Villapando on

    My holiday hair care tip is to trim our hair every few weeks to get rid of those brown and rough split ends. It’s a no no right, because it will be seen too much and we don’t like that. Especially for me that I have a dry hair which means that split ends came out easily. Plus using a good conditioner that suits for us is really good. Well, thanks to Creamsilk! I’m really an avid user of it since I was in grade school and it never fails! #CreamSilkEveryday

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