Lunch With Anton Mosimann


On the 24th of January I was invited by the Swiss Embassy as well as the Swiss Education Group to a once in a lifetime three course feast. It’s not everyday you get to say that you had lunch with Anton Mosimann.. Or rather lunch prepared by Swiss Chef, Anton Mosimann, OBE himself. The luncheon was held at the Marco Polo Ortigas and I believe it was the perfect location for such an event. I still cannot believe that I was one of the fifty prestigious guests that afternoon. What an honor it was indeed.


If you’re wondering why there’s a bow tie attached to the menu, well, it’s because Anton Mosimann is known to often rock a funk bow tie.


The General Manager of Marco Polo Ortigas, Frank Reichenbach welcomed everyone.


After the welcome speech and a brief introduction, the man of the hour, Anton Mosimann came out to welcome the guests as well as talk about his menu for that afternoon. It was quick because he wanted to rush back to the kitchen to continue prepping and cooking the dishes. Did you know that Anton Mosimann has lead culinary teams serving five British Prime Ministers (including Margaret Thatcher and David Cameron) as well as the wedding receptions of Princess Diana & Prince Charles and Prince William & Princess Catherine “Kate” Middleton! Amazing. It’s probably obvious why I felt so honored to be at such a luncheon!

IMG_1919 IMG_1923

After him was a welcome speech by the Ambassador of Switzerland, Andrea Reichlin. I actually had the pleasure of meeting her prior to sitting down and she was absolutely lovely!


Lastly, Hervé Findeisen who is the Head of Recruitment of the Swiss Education Group gave us the last set of opening remarks before the food was served. He also gave us some fun facts about Anton Mosimann and his career. Like, did you know that Anton Mosimann‘s first owned cookbook is actually the worlds largest cookbook (66cm x 47cm) handwritten in 1733? It contains what might be the first ever recipe of chocolate sorbet! Aside from the largest, he also has the smallest cookbook, The Handbook of Practical Cookery (10cm x 6cm) from 1960. Hopefully I get to visit Switzerland one day so I can visit The Mosimann Collection – A Culinary Heritage Museum and see his cookbook collection and much more!


Okay, now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for.. Time for the food photos!


Fist DishMarinated Salmon with Dorset Crab, Spring Onion & Lemon Dressing

Each dish served was paired with a specific wine or champagne that fit. This dish was delicious, the lemon dressing mixed well with the salmon and crab! Also, as someone who isn’t a fan of cilantro, it didn’t take over the dish and blended perfectly with all ingredients. Needless to say, I devoured everything in a matter of seconds!


Second DishAnton’s Risotto ai Funghi

This was my favorite dish of the bunch! He is best known for his cuisine naturelle, which puts together delicious ingredients like butter, cream as well as alcohol and focuses on the flavors of individual ingredients. His signature Risotto ai Funghi, boasts all three in glorious abundance — a dish the late Princess Diana named a personal favorite.


Wine & Champagne Selection

(L-R) 2014 Pascal Jolivet, Attitude, Loire Valley, France; Moët & Chandon Brut Imperial, Magnum, France; 2012 Côtes du Rhône Rogue, E. Guigal, France


Dish ThreeSeared Fillet of Lamb, Rosemary Sauce & Market Vegetables

I’m such a huge fan of lamb dishes so I was excited to eat this one. The lamb was cooked perfectly, it was full of flavor and so tender. The Rosemary Sauce paired with it went to well with the meat and those veggies? Delicious. They were crispy and so fresh!


Dish FourPassion Fruit Soufflé with Yogurt Ice Cream

I’ll be honest and say that I am not a big passion fruit girl so when when I saw it on the menu, I thought to myself, Come on! Give it a shot. It’s not everyday a chef of this caliber will cook for you. So! I did what any food-loving girl would do, I ate it and gosh I loved every single bite. The soufflé was so full of flavor and it was both soft and smooth. The flavor matched perfectly with the yogurt ice cream, it was just spectacular! Again, I ate the entire dish in a matter of seconds. Just talking about it makes me wish I could have more!


The entire meal was finished off with Petit Four as well as your choice of coffee or tea. Of course I picked coffee.


At the end of the program, Frank Reichenbach introduces the cooks and service team that took part during the event!


We sealed the even with a toast if champagne! What an event, definitely one for the books and something I will definitely never ever forget!


I couldn’t leave the event without a photo of the man of the hour! Before I end this post, thank you to the Swiss Embassy and the Swiss Education Group for inviting me to this event to help celebrate and kick start a slew of events celebrating and commemorating the 60 years of good and long-established relations, which are characterized by regular political dialogue, extensive trade and Humanitarian Aid operations.

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