A Touch Of Pink


Whenever I get a piece I want to give emphasis on certain pieces that I’m wearing I try to keep the colors of my outfit pretty monochromatic. Sticking to a no fail color combination, I decided to add a touch of pink using my Coach Swagger 21 Carryall bag.

I know, I know, it’s unusual to see me using a hot pink bag but hey, I actually really like the color plus, it’s still pretty much the start of a new year so why not experiment with my looks, right? So, allow me to tell you about my new baby — not only does this bag have a beautifully striking color but the quality of its pebbled leather is simply impeccable (plus it smells good too lol)! It’s a sophisticated piece that is both charming and versatile. I think I paired it off with a pretty classic look this time around so I wonder how it’ll go with something girly or maybe even something edgy. Gosh, I can’t wait to try this with other looks! Oh and by the way, don’t be fooled folks, this bag may look small but you can pack a ton of things in there making it a great bag to travel with.

DSC00603 DSC00643 DSC00639 DSC00633 DSC00652 DSC00655 DSC00623 DSC00579 DSC00616

Mango Top | Zara Trousers | LAMB Heels | Coach Swagger 21 Carryall Bag | Céline Sunglasses | Swarovski Bracelet | Random from San Francisco Ring | Kiyosa Total Beauty Gray Ballerina Nails |

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