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Back in January, I got word that Belo Baby was launching a new product line that targeted everyone, not just mothers as the product can be used anyone, of any age. Of course I was curious, the name Belo Baby really makes you think it’s only for little ones but when I finally got the Belo Baby Hand Sanitizers and tried them, I must say that I honestly agree that this product is certainly perfect for any age!

I won’t deny it, I am always on the go and when I get to different places OC-ness kicks in, like did you know that many infectious diseases are transmitted by touch? Gross, I know, that’s why I always have either wipes or hand sanitizer in my bag. Hygiene is very important to me and that’s why I never leave home without these things.


Before, I always used to get those boring scent-less ones because nothing ever tickled my fancy. That is, up until I smelled the three fresh scents available! They’re mildly scented and come in Peach, Blueberry and my personal favorite, Green Apple! All three remind me of the good times when I used to run around my backyard growing up in California. Picking fruits from trees and just the sweet scent of fruits in the air.. Good times indeed.

These tiny things are packed with Glycerin, which moisturizes your hands. That’s such a big plus for me because I am so particular about how my hands dry up after using different hand sanitizers. Now I don’t have to be conscious about what my hands feel like after using them over and over again!


The Belo Baby Hand Sanitizers are Hypoallergenic and were Dermatologist-Tested. Not many may know this but my skin is very sensitive (trust me, it get’s really bad sometimes) which is why I was happy that my skin didn’t react negatively to the hand sanitizers!

Why am I telling you all about this? Well.. It’s always important to keep your hands clean and germ free all the time; luckily the new Belo Baby Hand Sanitizers kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria, they cost ₱49.75 (SRP) and they equip you with the best protective care for you! So, time to start keeping it clean with Belo Baby!


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