Cocktail Chic


Alright, if you read my previous blog post (which I truly, madly and deeply wish you did) you’ll remember me mentioning that I eventually swapped dresses last minute well, this is what I changed into. Something a lot dressier if you ask me! Plus, this dress was most definitely appropriate for the cocktail chic dress code that MAC specified — also I wore black which is the MAC color. I actually wore this before to a Cream Silk event, which a lot dressier so it’s cool to know that this dress can be worn different ways. The power of wearing the right accessories, don’t you agree? Also.. Since we were technically at a resort, I thought that it would be perfect to wear beachy like accessories such as my leather Topshop sandals and my ever so cute February Lifestyle bag! Gave my look a more laid back, resort-esque vibe. Interesting what accessories can do to an outfit, right?

DSC01032 DSC01025 DSC01067 DSC01056 DSC01040 DSC01034 DSC01076 DSC01071 DSC01027

Zara Dress | Topshop Leather Sandals | February Lifestyle Bag | Joyce Makitalo and Urban Outfitters Rings | Kiyosa Total Beauty Nails |

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  1. Liv on

    Love the tropical inspired bag!


  2. Jullia on

    It really did! It actually send beachy vibes, the dress I mean! You’re really great with matching pieces!! And the shoes and bag matches perfectly <3

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