It’s that time of the week when I show you all what I wore on Sunday afternoon. Again and as always, I dress comfortably since I like keeping it chill on that day. The two pieces I love most from this look have got to be my vintage Chanel bag as well as this cool denim jacket I borrowed from my sister. She’s been collecting patches since the trend started believe it or not to the point that whenever I find cool ones I don’t think twice about buying them for her. Gotta love how simple things like patches make a huge difference in terms of making something cooler than it already it! The thing that I always do whenever I dress comfortably is that I mix and match high and low pieces, just to give my outfit a little something to make it good enough to my best on a Sunday.

DSC01279 DSC01324 DSC01302 DSC01282 DSC01325 DSC01330 DSC01263

Topshop Dress | H&M Denim Jacket (patches not included) | Sperry Sneakers | Chanel Bag | Urban Outfitters Hat |

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  1. Jullia Mabingnay on

    Patches!😍 Luuuv the shoes and bag, pretty matches together!! Hapoy Tuesday ate Pat!❤❤❤

  2. Karen on

    Is that a newly released bag from Chanel? Also saw that recently from Kryz’s IG 👜

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