Printed Green Skirt


When it comes to mixing prints, I will say this time and time again but I am no expert and I am not ashamed to say it. Although, I do try my best to give it a shot every so often — just like when I wore this outfit! I made sure to work everything around the print of my Seek the Uniq skirt, so I kept my top simple, my shoes not too loud and my accessories minimal. It wasn’t until I needed to pair it with a bag that I thought of going the extra mile and using something different. That’s when I picked my Mia Arcenias x (my good friend) Alex Eduque purse which looks small but trust me a lot can fit in there.

Did you know that this small purse was made and sold to help the kids from MovEd. I have always been a fan of the whole fashion for a cause movement, may it be for kids who need help with school, equality and much more. It’s shopping but for a cause so you feel good either way if you ask me! These bags though aren’t sold in stores though and they come out in capsule collections. Maybe if they have a bigger event I can invite you all!

DSC01486 DSC01501 DSC01549 DSC01485 DSC01524 DSC01466 DSC01528 DSC01491 DSC01563 DSC01502

Topshop Dress Turned Top | Seek The Uniq Printed Skirt | Céline Heels | Mia Arcenias x Alex Eduque Bag | H&M Ring |

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