Metropolitan Golden Hour


If you follow me on Instagram (which I hope you all do) you might have noticed a bunch of Insta Stories from a few days back about me at a photoshoot. I mentioned that I was going to a dinner right after and well, this is what I wore! And hey got to shoot during golden hour! If you ask me, this look is a bit more on the casual side but I personally think that my Vania Romoff top made it a bit less casual. I’ve worn this before and have never found the time to wear it again — till now!

Also, I mentioned golden hour earlier but I’d like to ask if you all noticed that my photos look quite different today. I guess that’s what happens when you’re lucky enough to take photos during the as I’d like to call it Metropolitan Golden Hour (lol)! Honestly, it’s so hard being able to shoot during golden hour here in Manila due to all the buildings but luckily I found a spot and will be coming back more often at that hour just to shoot, haha! Okay, I said golden hour way too much in this post.. Isn’t it obvious that I love it that much?

DSC01393 DSC01422 DSC01398 DSC01431 DSC01401 DSC01420 DSC01421 DSC01423 DSC01437 DSC01407 DSC01418 DSC01411 DSC01417 DSC01391

Vania Romoff Off Shoulder Top | Zara Denim Skirt | Topshop Leather Sandals | Chanel Bag | Riqueza and Joyce Makitalo Rings |

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  1. Jullia Mabingnay on

    Yey for the every pieces in this ootd!!😍❤ Plus the perfect timing of golden hour shot!! Your photos jsut keeps getting better and better!🙌👆

  2. Hana on

    I love golden hour! like, it’s so wonderful and amazing! ( I totally get you.) I SUPER love today’s OOTD especially the bag….. What’s the main material of the Chanel? ( hope you don’t mind me asking, it’s such a staple piece kasi at the same time, chic! <3 <3 <3) Love all the summery OOTDS lately. After all, it's summer naman right? so why not dress up, take the crazy chance and dress through the season. :-))

    • Patricia Prieto on

      Thanks, Hana! It’s the usual leather but it’s suede, yup, indeed it is a staple piece! 🙂 I’ll try to work some summer stuff into my blog slowly cause the weather has been so weird lately but will keep that in mind! x

  3. chris on

    what camera do you use?

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