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Before I started blogging, I was modeling — although I was never really a ramp model cause I wasn’t the tallest girl out there but I did a few back in my days (like for Collezione C2 and Rhett Eala just to name a few). But that didn’t change the fact that I was beyond nervous to walk the Bench Fashion Week runway! It was the last of a three day event that was the first of its kind, and might I say, it was a massive success!


This is what the event space looked like before it was packed with people!


I walked for the second segment of the Bench Fashion Show, for American Eagle. It was a fun, carefree and lively segment so it was fun to be a part of it!

DSC02414 DSC02412 DSC02415

Prieto and Pietro, haha!


Janeena Chan walked the American Eagle runway as well!

DSC02420 DSC02432

At this point I passed my camera over on to my mom and sister to snap photos for me during the event. BTW, if you see or read this I just want to thank the both of you for coming and I hope you enjoyed the show! Means a lot to me that you (as well as dad and Kako) made it.

DSC02442 DSC02444

Belle hosted the event and third day of the Bench Fashion Show began with a collection by Ziggy Savella. I couldn’t stop eyeing pieces of this collection, the color palette and the silhouettes were all just too cool!

DSC02448 DSC02450 DSC02451 DSC02447 DSC02452

Ziggy with Ben Chan!


Up next was the American Eagle segment of Bench Fashion Week! I swear when I heard the music playing my heart started beating like there was no tomorrow. It’s been awhile since I walked a runway but I had to tell myself.. I COULD DO IT!

DSC02457 DSC02460

There I am! I wore a black maxi dress with a rose printed chiffon kimono which I was told to remove when I got to the first stop of the choreography.


I spy.. David Guison!

DSC02462 DSC02468 DSC02469 DSC02471

The final walk, see any familiar faces?


I walked together with David, Vina, Miko, Cha, Katt as well as a couple of beauty queens!


Some of my favorite looks of this segment! (Photos from Preview.Ph)


The bloggers! When Robby Carmona went backstage to brief us on the vibe and look of the American Eagle segment, he said to act like we were shooting OOTDs — sounds easy right? But it was actually quite the challenge but we all managed to pull through!


Next up was the closing portion of Bench Fashion Week, and of course it was Bench that closed the show!


Miss Universe Philippines, Maxine Medina graced the runway with her poise and elegance! Did you know that she was a model before a beauty queen? Also, wow she is gorgeous in person!


Then Pietro Boselli closed the show! Wow, he is super good looking in person.. Like.. Really.. I am not kidding.

DSC02498 DSC02500

Loved the vibe and collection of Bench this season. Cannot wait to see and shop the collection when they come out in stores! It’s got this whole cuban resort feel which is right up my alley. ALSO! The styling of this part of the show was so on point!

DSC02501 DSC02504

Congratulations to everyone at Bench for the successful Bench Fashion Week! Cannot wait till the next one. Also, a massive congratulations to THE Ben Chan for always pushing the fashion envelope and bringing cool designs to the Philippines! Thank you for having me, it was a honor to be a part of this event. Cheers!


And after a long day, my family and I decided it was time to treat ourselves to some fresh air and ice cream! Good times and a great way to cap off an amazing day.

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