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Here we go, the first of seven (or six, still not sure lol) travel related blog posts about my recent trip back to beautiful Switzerland. I along with three other bloggers namely Laur, David and Aileen took part in a week long trip around the country. We got to see museums, try delicious food, use the public transportation, enjoy the cold (well, maybe for Aileen and I only lol) and snap enough photos for you all to enjoy. I’ll be sharing a vlog about my trip as well as posts about where to eat and stay as well as outfit photos.

Btw, do forgive the photo heavy post.. It’s a travel blog post and of course I was trigger happy snapping as much photos as I could. I actually wanted to include my second day in Zürich buuuuuuuut I thought it would be best to space them all out. So, to kick start this entire series off — here’s what we did on our first day in Switzerland!


After a nine hour flight from Manila to Abu Dhabi followed by a seven hour flight to Switzerland, we finally landed in Zürich! It was about 645am on a Sunday and right after leaving the airport we headed straight to our hotel. The streets were pretty much empty and the air was so nice, cold and felt so clean/fresh — also, on Sundays not many shops and restaurants are open on Sundays there cause they use it as a legit day of rest. Btw, this is a shot Laur stole of David and I laughing about our love for La La Land! We kept singing City of Stars over and over again till the song Belle from Beauty and the Beast was our next song of choice.


Did you know that you can drink straight out of these fountains? We gave it a shot and wow.. The water is so crisp, cold and refreshing! Amazing how you can find these almost everywhere. Should’ve brought my Swell bottle with me! So next time you visit Switzerland make sure to bring a refillable bottle with you.


The first day of our trip was all about mobility. So much bikes everywhere! Gosh, how I wish I could just bike to where I want to go in the Philippines. It’s a great way to move around quickly, get a workout in and help save the environment while we’re at it.


Btw, a bit of trivia about Zürich that I learned during my trip that I’d love to share with you all.. This city offers a unique mix of adventure, enjoyment, nature as well as culture. One thing that really stuck me was the amount of museums this city has — it’s got over 50 museums as well as over 100 galleries. My kind of city. So if you find yourself here, make time to visit a museum and gallery or two (or more lol)!

DSC02655 DSC01139

After walking around and snapping some photos, it was finally time to hop on a train and head for Lucerne! When I first visited Switzerland that’s the city I went to with my family. You can only imagine how stoked I was to go back and see how things have changed. So, after a fun and smooth one and a half hour train ride we arrived at Lucerne!

DSC02670 DSC01161

Meet David, Laura and Aileen.. The Swiss Crew! So happy that I got to do this with such awesome folks. No joke, this Switzerland trip wouldn’t have been the same without these guys. Glad we got to bond over cheese, chocolates, great food and more!


Along with us bloggers was Diana who’s from the Swiss Embassy and she definitely took great care of us four during our trip. We were also fortunate enough to meet a fellow blogger from Switzerland! His name is, Dimitri Burkhard and he is the CEO of the blog Newly Swissed!

DSC02671 DSC02673

Our first stop in Lucerne? The Kapellbrücke, which means Chapel Bridge in English. This bridge was originally constructed in first half of the 14th century as a part of the city’s fortifications and named after St. Peter’s Chapel, which is actually located nearby. The paintings that you see when inside the bridge were added in the seventeenth century. It actually illustrate scenes of Swiss and local history. Truly a must see when visiting Lucerne!

DSC02680DSC01167 DSC02681

There were so much swans close by, but be very careful — they actually bite!

DSC02682 DSC02686

If you look closely you can see Mount Pilatus from the end of the bridge! On a good day (when there’s no fog) you can actually see the entire mountain! Seriously breathtaking if you ask me. It was an interesting sight to see because when I went to Switzerland the first time ever my family and I went up there and enjoyed a day filled with snow! So now, I know what it looks like from where I was standing just a few weeks ago.

DSC02689 DSC02696

Many buildings were painted this way! So cool! I love how the arts is so welcomed in Switzerland and how well maintained their old buildings are. It gives the country an amazing feel and vibe.


One of the wheels used to make the Gotthard Base Tunnel, massive right? This gear helped make a railway base tunnel through the Alps in Switzerland. It opened on the first of June 2016, and full service began on the eleventh December 2016. With a route length of 57.09 km (35.5 mi), it’s the world’s longest and deepest traffic tunnel and the first flat, low-level route through the Alps. I heard when the gears met in the middle they were just centimeters away from each other.. Talk about cutting it close!


Up next on our agenda that day? The Museum of Transport! Here you’ll discover the development of transportation and mobility in an interesting and very unique way. You’ll learn all about transportation by road, rail and water – not forgetting in the air and outer space (which was my personal favorite part).

The Museum of Transport is actually the most visited museum in all of Switzerland! It has an extensive collection of the development of transport and mobility. Imagine, over 3,000 objects such as airplanes, cars, rail vehicles and ships as well as simulators, multimedia shows and interactive exhibitions are waiting to be explored.

DSC02704 DSC02705

Chocolate.. Chocolate everywhere!


What I loved about this museum was that many activities and displays were interactive.


So much love for this girl! Happy that I got to spend an entire week with her — Lucky me because I don’t get to do so whenever I’m home cause she’s always on the go.

DSC02711 DSC02710

I swear, the interactive installations in this place were so cool we all wanted to try everything!

DSC02712 DSC02719

Btw, will be blogging about my outfits as well. Allow me to focus on the main posts first then I’ll eventually get to these posts later on. Or maybe I’ll be posting in between each city or stop. Let’s see!

DSC02723 DSC02727

Check out all those planes, choppers and parachutes!


This is a legit real satellite! The little girl in me was freaking out, these are the kinds of places I wish I got to go to when I was younger. So I would suggest you to visit this place with your kids and those who are kids at heart. I think it’s a great museum to go to if you wish to learn as well as have fun.


There was even a replica of a Mars landscape containing three remote-controlled true sized replica rover vehicles; some of their individual parts can actually move. Other than that, the Deep Space area of the museum includes a replica of the Cheops space telescope developed by the University of Bern which we didn’t have time to see but hey, it’s another reason for me to come back!

DSC02738 DSC02735 DSC02733 DSC02732

Some Swiss astronauts with some space food! I wonder.. Do you think these things tasted good? Cause can you imagine living off of these things for months??


Mid afternoon brew! I like trying out local beers from each country I visit, this one was nice — not too bitter but not too sweet. Slightly heavy though but all worth it.


After a day of rowing (yes, there was an interactive rowing game which us bloggers tried out), learning, feeling what it’s like to have no gravity (there’s an interactive room for that too) and more it was time to head back to the train station and hop on a train back to Zürich.


Yay! Little fog means better visibility of Mount Pilatus!


If in some countries they share bikes, in Switzerland they share cars.. Electric powered cars mind you. All you need is your phone, an app and a card which you use to actually unlock and lock the car! Don’t worry, you leave the key inside when you park and plug the car.


Mobility car sharing in Switzerland provides customers with 2,900 vehicles in nine different vehicle categories. The main customer arguments in favor of using the Mobility fleet are the convenient self-service, round-the-clock availability, the dense network throughout Switzerland, the efficiency of the combined mobility as well as the savings potential compared to a private car. This to me seems like a great way to save the earth, get around easily, avoid traffic and save money all at the same time. Amazing idea if you ask me!


Well, that’s it for now! More posts to come, that’s for sure. Till then.. Uf Wiederluege!

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  1. Mich on

    Nice photos, Pat!

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    This def left me speechless!! Feels like I’m watching a series and excitedly waiting for the next episode!! This is beautiful! Thank you for the first stop of sharing with us your Switzerland trip!!😭😍❤

  3. Dimitri on

    What a lovely adventure! I am happy to have been a part of it for a short stretch… Hey, and you never told me that you speak Swiss German! Uf Wiederluege – see you again!

    • Patricia Prieto on

      Thanks for showing us around, Dimitri! It was fun hanging out with you. Hahaha! I wish I did, Google is my best friend lol 😛
      Hope to see you again soon (come to Manila! Lol)

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