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Okay, here we go — days two and three of my week long Swiss Escape (you see what I did there? Lol) wherein we spent the next day and a half in Zürich still and wow, we did a lot! The first stop of the day was at the Freitag factory, it’s this cool Switzerland based brand that creates bags and accessories out of recycled truck tarpaulins. They also make biodegradable clothing! What a great way to help save the environment, right?

Btw, just like last time, be ready for a photo heavy post. This does have two days merged into one entry. Also, do expect this to happen a lot whenever I do travel posts.

DSC02786 DSC02791

From the front of the Freitag factory building you wouldn’t think about how big or how deep it would be when until you get to go inside. There were so much rooms and each of them had something different going on inside of each room. From washing, to rolling up the tarps, to labeling and so on. Many of these tasks are done by hand and some of course they seek the help of machines.

DSC02795 DSC02796 DSC02803

Each style is given a different tarp assigned to it so that each styles design or print is spread out. The awesome part is — no bag is ever the same! Now, that’s something.


One of the coolest parts of this place is that nothing is put to waste.

DSC02806 DSC02808

We got to see where the tarps are manually cut (cause the rearrange the molds so that no bag is the same).

DSC02814 DSC02817 DSC02821

This part of the factory was cool. These bags can actually be rented out so that those working in the factory and in the offices are allowed to bring them home with them for a week. It’s awesome since you really get to show your love for the company you work for AND you don’t have to worry about buying the wrong style for you since you get to try everything before making the commitment!


Btw, they ship worldwide! Look at all those bags ready to be bought and sold.


Also, since no bag is the same they need to photograph every side before uploading it to their website. This is so that before buying you know what exactly your bag looks like. They shoot a ton of them a day so luckily this is done with the help of machines or else they’d be taking so long!

DSC02829 DSC02833

Recently the brand went into clothing. But like what I mentioned earlier — they’re biodegradable! From the fabric to the rivets!

DSC02834 DSC02844

Here’s what a pair of pants look like after being in the ground for three months! You can hardly tell what they were but look, you can see the care instructions still. Amazing how this was thought of and is currently being sold and produced. Only in Switzerland!

DSC02862 DSC02856

The next on our list of places to visit while in Switzerland was Impact Hub, which is a shared office space where you can either come over and find a free spot for free or pay a monthly fee and have your own desk up until you decide not to go back anymore. I found this place cool because it’s got this amazing creative vibe to it and it’s also a great place to network.


It also has this great and cozy feeling to it. Trust me, if you feel good where you are those creative juices will start flowing. Btw, not only is this located in Switzerland but it’s all over the world! There’s actually one in Manila so if you wanna try it out, just look it up on Google and you’re good to go.

DSC02861 DSC02886

From the factory to the flagship store, we for to see what Freitag had to offer! We kind of got a bit lost looking for this place but when we got there the extremely high container van tower wasn’t hard to miss. We even climbed to the top and got to get a great view of the area.

DSC02887 DSCF0829

Beanie Buddied with David!

DSC02889 DSC02890 DSCF0885

The area was filled with art installations, painted walls and cool cafes. We even spotted a cool photo booth but sadly our tour guide said we had to rush so we didn’t get to go. I have yet to give those fun little things a try. I’ve done the digital ones so experiencing the older photo booth should be fun too! If there are any located in Manila, do let me know.. Or maybe I should go back to Switzerland instead? LOL!


This gave me dropping-a-dope-ass-track feel! Just so you all know, we meant to match this day. And this was also the day our band was formed.


We then made our way to Zürich University of the Arts to learn all about Birdly which is this cool virtual reality flying simulator. But before that we got a quick tour of the campus which was first a yogurt factory! Amazing how a building (or should I say factory) eventually evolved into a school. We actually got to visit another school in Switzerland which was the same, but more on that in my other blog posts of course!


Just like Impact Hub, this place was exploding with creative energy! It must be amazing being surrounded by such creative people.


Nope, this isn’t a stage or a studio. It’s actually one of the main halls of the school. Here you can host events and such which I personally think is a great venue cause the school is so good looking!


Say HELLO to Birdly. With this machine you will know what it’s like to fly like a bird through different cities (we got to soar over SF.. How I miss that place). I believe it’s the first-of-its-kind flying simulator. You get to flap your wings to fly faster, and feel the wind on your face as you dive between skyscrapers, direct where you want to go using your hands and while wearing a VR headset, you’ll experience the closest thing to bird flight possible with modern technology.

DSC02917 DSC02951 DSC02955

In this school, you’re allowed to draw on the walls. It’s part of this whole being creative everywhere sort of idea this I believe is really so cool.


Made me wonder if one day I will be playing a video game designed by one of the people inside of that room.

DSCF0808 DSCF0939

Check out that view! After a very long day, we headed back to the hotel to drop our stuff and head to Hiltl for dinner. More on that when I blog about the places you should eat at while you’re in Switzerland.



Just wanted to share something with you all — because of the cold weather in Switzerland I had to make sure my skin and face was moisturized. I used the 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil on my face to make sure it didn’t dry up while walking around the city. I applied this after dabbing my face dry after washing it then I put make up over it and well, I’m happy with the results. So, make sure to check out The Ordinary as well as their other products, you’ll love them all for sure. Plus, no need to panic cause it’s all organic!


Our third day in Switzerland and last day in Zürich was spent doing a quick walking tour around the city.

DSC01420 DSC02978

Look at this cool place overlooking the Limmat River. Can you imagine waking up with a view like like such and living in such beautiful homes as well? Did you know that these buildings are so old that they are protected by the government and that before altering anything (like even just a door hinge) you have to ask permission to do so.

DSC02979 DSC02975

How I wish we had beautiful places like this in the Philippines!!

DSC02972 DSC03018 DSC03014

Another fountain, and we all got to drink from this one! We played a guessing game and I got the answer right cause I guessed that there are 1,200 fountains spread out all across Zürich. Spectacular!

DSC03012 DSC03007

We even got to walk, shoot and chill at Lindenhof Park for a bit! Such a beautiful place. Btw, can you see those furry friends behind me? Owning a dog in Switzerland is a big deal. So big that in order to own one, you need to ask permission from the  government to do so. They make sure you can care for the dog AND they even have you to send your dog to basic obedience class (which they pay for). That’s why you can take your pets practically everywhere in Switzerland and even walk them around the city without a leash!! I wonder when will other countries follow in their footsteps?

DSC03022 DSC03025 DSC03027

Mmmmmmm… The smell of coffee! The entire groups best friend during the trip.

DSC03054 DSC03052 IMG_4382

The fun filled Swiss Crew!! That’s it for days two and three. More coming soon so hope you keep watching out for those as well!

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