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Whenever I get to try good or amazingly delicious food I make it a point to share it with you all. This time around I’ll be talking about a Cantonese restaurant located at the 44th level of the Marco Polo Ortigas Hotel tower. It promises an authentic and traditional Cantonese dishes presented in a contemporary style called Lung Hin. I took my family here to treat them to Sunday lunch and boy were we satisfied! Sadly, we arrived about 30 minutes before they closed for dinner prep but they were nice enough to let us sit and eat still. Thanks for all the staff that made sure my family and I were well cared for and that despite the fact that it was almost closing time! I swear we enjoyed ourselves and are so grateful for the amazing service you showed us that afternoon.

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Such a beautiful setting! Perfect for dining during special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries or even special date nights.

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Ling Hun is a restaurant wherein food is set to excite the senses, it transports diners to Hong Kong through the fine art of Cantonese cuisine cooking with well-trained Chinese Chefs. Boasting a well-defined menu that goes across dim sum, carvery and seafood, Lung Hin has been designed to delight guests through its amazing service and wonderful food creations.

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Lung Hin’s Hong Kong Chefs carefully and meticulously curated the superb culinary masterpieces that it is becoming known for. From Three-Flavored Prawns – which is an interesting combination of distinct flavors – Salted Egg (see that delicious looking photo below), Sakura Sauce, and Blueberry, up to the crowd favorite Sautéed Diced US Beef Cubes with Duck Liver – Lung Hin is truly a dining destination in itself.


When it comes to food I can admit that I am indeed very adventurous so I wasn’t worried at all about asking the staff for their recommendations. They suggested that I order all their best sellers, which I did and do not regret doing. The first dish that arrived was the Salted Egg Covered Shrimp which I surprisingly enjoyed. I’m not big on the whole salted egg trend but boy was this yummy!


The Steamed Shrimp Dumpling with Gold Leaf came next. The seafood was so fresh I must say! The shrimps were so nice and crispy and cooked to perfection. Definitely a must order when you visit (my family and I ordered about 4 servings of this, no joke).


We got to order another kind of dimsum which was the Steamed Pork Siomai with Truffle. Never did I ever think that truffles would go with this sort of dish but my tastebuds were tingling the moment I bit into one of these. The truffles are enough that they don’t over power the siomai. All the flavors mesh well together making this also one of my favorite dishes.


The Pan Fried Radish Cake with XO Sauce was devoured so quickly by my family! I’m not a big radish eater but rest of my family is so they enjoyed this dish. My dad also loves XO Sauce so they had huge smiles on their faces after chowing down on this.


They ordered the Fried Taro Puff and this was a great balance of crispy on the outside and nice and soft on the inside. Great texture and great flavors too!


I absolutely adore fried rice so my folks let me pick out which one we got to order. So I got the Dried Scallop Fried Rice with White Eggno regrets on the amount of carbs that came along with this plate. I legit finished half of this entire thing. #NoRegrets #WorkoutNalangAfter


The look of absolute happiness.

DSC03724 DSC03742

Capped off our meal with some Chilled Avocado SagoBlack Sesame Masachi and Chilled Mango Sago with Coconut Milk. Are you all surprised at how we even managed to fit dessert in after all that food? Cause looking back, I know I am, haha!


What Lung Hin has that sets it apart from the usual Chinese restaurants in the metro is the complete dining experience it offers. The sleek interiors, the expansive layout, the amazing view, the exceptional service and the note-worthy dishes are just top-notch. With that said, I cannot wait to go back and try even more dishes! Thank you again to the staff of Lung Hin for the great food recommendations and for taking excellent of my family and I. Expect us to be back soon.. Very soon!

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