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I tweet a lot about not having a driver at home, cause it really takes a toll on me. Imagine, driving for hours from different points of the Metro each day. Not fun at all. Not only did it stress me out but my legs and feet constantly felt tired, that the moment I’d get home I’d kick off my shoes, lay on a couch and lift my legs to help get the blood flow going. Luckily, a few tweets later, I was given the stellar opportunity to try out Footlogix. This product is an innovative foot-care line formulated for different kinds of feet skin conditions, like there is a specific kind of formula for you depending on what your feet specifically need.

Since I was driving a lot, my feet and legs were always tired after a long day. So, this is exactly what my feet and legs needed to get rejuvenated and feeling good. With all that said, here’s a quick little sneak peek of what you can expect when getting the Footlogix experience.


For those wondering where they can avail of this stellar service, well, make your way to Shangri-La Hotel Makati and visit Privée Salon. It’s on the first floor, just ask the concierge for directions, it won’t be hard to find. Then when you get there ask about Footlogix and they’ll be happy enough to assist you. So, allow me to show you all the steps of this awesome treatment I tried out.



You soak your feet in warm water with their Concentrated Foot Soak formula for a few minutes. This product is pH balanced and gentle on the skin, it also helps rehydrate and cleanse you feet with it’s anti-microbial properties.



 After a good soak, it was time to exfoliate using their Exfoliating Seaweed Scrub Wash! It’s actually formulated with the highest grade imported, organic micro algae. It’s then blended with essential oils and some polished pumice to help exfoliate the skin without it being abrasive.



Exfoliating time! First they spray on the Callus Softener. Btw, you don’t necessarily have to have calluses when using this spray, it just helps with the exfoliating process. After, they use their special designed Exfoliating Foot file to remove any excess or dry skin. It’s made with high-quality stainless steel and it also has a multi-directional grit that won’t shred your skin. So when they peel off, it’s in big pieces not tiny little bits of skin.


After all that they use the Dry Skin Formula Mousse to help keep your feet moisturized — and not dry of course! This bit depends on the status of your soles. My skin normally gets dry and is very sensitive so luckily their products were very good on my skin and it felt so nice and smooth after.



And for the last step, an amazing foot massage using their Massage Formula Foot Lotion. It’s a non-occlusive lotion that is the perfect final step for this routine. Depending on the kind of package you avail of, they steps may vary since all I got to try was the basic treatment (which was amazing still of course)!


This entire treatment only took about 30 minutes, so I was in and out in a flash! My feet felt amazing and they were soooooo smooth. Definitely taking my Footlogix products with me next time I go get a foot spa. The scents aren’t too over powering so you don’t get overwhelmed, the feeling is so nice and minty after and your feet legit feel smooth and energized. Try it and you’ll know what I’m talking about.


Super fun afternoon! Thank you for making it possible. Trust me, I will be back and I will have my products in hand during my next visit.

For more information on Footlogix, check them out on social media:

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