During Bloggers United 13, I saw the opportunity to showcase my first own design. For those who don’t know, allow me to say here here on my blog.. I’m coming up with a clothing line!! And since I want to keep things within the family, I named it after my blog Paradigma. My line will consist of pieces that you can wear ten times over without running out of styling ideas. It will have pieces that will turn heads no matter where you are. You will feel comfortable and confident in them. You will want to wear them over and over again.. And much more! I plan on launching my Paradigma this coming September 2017 so keep updated (I linked the official Insta account on my post so be sure to follow it) and I cannot wait to make my dream come true and for you all to see what I’ve been planning for a long time now.

L1310491 L1310516L1310511 L1310514 L1310497 L1310520 L1310519 L1310499

Paradigma By Patricia Prieto Top | Adorable Skirt | Rubi Flats | Zacarias 1925 Bag |

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  1. Jullia Mabingnay on

    Goodluck ate Pat! I know many will love this!! I feel sooo excited to try more pieces from you soon since the idea of wearing your style (comfy and loves to style pieces in many diff ways!) is so amazing!❤

  2. Jen Garcia on

    Aww all the luck! I’m pretty sure that would be a big hit 🙂 Anyway, when and where can we find the items? <3

  3. Jean Yu on

    Yey! Congratulations, Patricia! Looking forward to your first collection!

    Best regards,
    Jean Yu

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