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As much as I’d love to keep my posts in chronological order, I’m just dying to post a new look with my new ashy brown hair (will talk about that in a bit). So allow me to change it up a bit this time around, I promise to go back to usual after this.. Maybe! Anyway, I wore this outfit to a mini staycation with the #BloggerBesties at Rizal Park Hotel before the Britney Spears concert a few weeks back. Since it was blazing hot that day, this look definitely kept me cool. It’s not what I’d usually wear but I decided to step outside of my comfort zone and I do not regret it one bit! As always, I can reimagine myself in this outfit but with different shoes and accessories. I can’t wait to go a bit more casual with this look actually! But till then and for the record, I am still madly in love with this look of mine.

Okay, many of you have been asking me about my new ashy brown hair. Scroll down and keep reading to find out more about where I went and what products were used on my locks!

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A few days before this was taken I was able to visit Basement Salon Shang I was so excited to finally get my hair colored to my dream hair shade — ashy brown! When getting your hair colored, you have to make sure that the products used won’t ruin or damage your hair unless you’re very particular abot scheduling weekly salon visits for treatments which are always a treat for your locks! I for one am ecstatic that Aveda’s products are formulated without parabens, phthalates and sodium lauryl sulfate. The brand works to ensure that ecological and cultural diversity is represented by responsibly sourcing key ingredients from different habitats all over the world. My hair is now so healthy and insanely shiny despite the bleaching and coloring! Other than the fact that Aveda is used here, the service at Basement Salon was exceptional. I felt so at home and I never felt scared or antsy during the hours of waiting. Apparently, if my hair wasn’t too colored the whole process would’ve much shorter! I must say, I am madly in love and so obsessed with my hair right now. You have no idea!


Btw, as much as I’d love to give you the exact color or code of my ashy brown hair, this color is so unique is has no name or number! But as I mentioned earlier, this color was achieved by using Aveda. Allow me to tell you a little bit more about this brand.. This brand uses the art and science of pure flower and plant essences. They derive their ingredients naturally. About 50% or more of the molecules come from a plant, non-petroleum mineral, water, or some other natural source. Aveda delivers high performance, botanically-based products that are kinder to the planet – which is good for all of us. Which is why I wasn’t afraid to get my hair bleached and dyed all in a matter of hours!


I cannot help touching my hair! Looking forward to keeping this look for a long, looooooong time! Thank you so much Basement Salon Shang for helping my achieve my dream hair color. You have no idea how happy I was after getting everything done and how happy I still am right now. Can’t wait to go back!


| Eustacia Jumper | Zara Cropped Top | Juicy Couture Fringe Heels | Gucci Bag | Mango Earrings | Basement Salon Shangri-La Ashy Brown Hair and Cut |

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  1. Jean Yu on

    I love your outfit and of course, I love your new hair color, Patricia!! Been planning to have my hair colored ash brown but I guess I need to wait a bit for it to grow since I’ve been coloring it red! 😀

    Best regards,
    Jean Yu

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