Louis Vuitton Opening In Solaire


So as you may all know, I don’t normally go to events. It’s not that I don’t like events, I actually really do! I just don’t normally have that much time to spare for them. Thing is, when I got the event invite for this in the mail, I just knew that I couldn’t miss out. So of course I didn’t miss out on the Louis Vuitton store opening event at Solaire which happened last July 20th! That Thursday I got my hair done, I put on an LBD, some sky high heels (which I later regret) and did my own make up and I was ready to go.


Good thing fellow bloggers and friends Tricia and Lissa were going to the event so we walked in, snapped photos and drank some bubbly together. Funny cause before the event Tricia and I waited for Lissa in the ladies room and we couldn’t stop laughing at the fact that we kept bumping into people in there!


The event was a night of pure glitz, glamour and obvious bag, shoes and outfit envy. I swear, if only I could buy every single thing that caught my eye that night I would have. I was like a kid in a candy store.. A very expensive candy store at that! Oh, Louis Vuitton.


I must say, the Louis Vuitton store in Solaire is beautiful! From the window displays, the layout, everything! This is the second Louis Vuitton store in the Philippines and I can totally imagine them opening more up in the very near future.


Can we all just stop and take a moment to appreciate this silver Petite Malle bag. It was to die for. I literally died when I saw it. Such a gorgeous bag, I’ve been wanting one for the longest time and I’m considering this to be one of my next purchases.

DSC06285DSC06295 DSC06299 DSC06288

Thing is, the Twist bag is also cute.. Choices. Gotta love the way Louis Vuitton is reinventing the brand. They’ve been moving away from the typical monogramed look and going for more trendy and stylish pieces. Hats off to you, Nicolas Ghesquière. You never fail to impress the heck out of me.

DSC06287 DSC06314

Look at all those cute Louis Vuitton trinkets!

IMG_8335 DSC06311 DSC06316 IMG_8281

I’ll be sure to blog about my look that evening, I promise! Also, got to debut my new gray hair that night too. Glad to hear from everyone that they loved it!


From the main event to the after part, I was so happy that I saw a bazillion familiar faces that evening. From my friends, to family, to those I’ve worked with and more. It was like everyone I knew decided to come out that night and it was amazing.

IMG_8245 IMG_8333 DSC06324

The beautiful Maxine Medina was there. So statuesque!

IMG_8272 DSC06366

To be quite honest, I didn’t expect to stay as late as I did that night. But I powered through the long day and my throbbing feet for a night out with amazing company, mind blowing music and delicious food. Btw, that’s my girl Kats doing her thing up on stage before the main act! Check out some of the party photos I snapped that evening:

DSC06349 DSC06326 DSC06332 DSC06340 DSC06350 DSC06355 DSC06358 DSC06348

One of the major highlights for me that night was seeing Flight Facilities play live at the event! I’ve been a fan of their music for quite some time and it was just out of this world to finally catch them live. I’ve heard amazing things about them and they didn’t disappoint! I even got to meet them and they’re really down to earth guys. Hope I get to catch them live again soon. Fingers crossed! Btw, look at me being such a blogger.

DSC06328 DSC06338 DSC06362

Of course the crowd danced the night away and got all excited when Crave You came on!

DSC06363 IMG_8259

Stellar job on making Flight Facilities and the Louis Vuitton after party one for the books, Kats!


Thank you to Louis Vuitton for having me that evening, I thoroughly enjoyed myself, without a doubt! Till your next store opening, congratulations!

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    OMG!*cue song whos that girl* whos that girl in the club? haha. What a massive change in your hairstyle ate pat. I must say you are totally killin it! love your gray hair! Your hair alone is a complete accessory ate pat! hands down haha! more ootds with the gray hair! love lots Jen <3

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