Lavender Locks


It’s not everyday you go to the salon and leave with lavender hair, though this look only lasted as long – or should I say as short – as Britney Spears’ shortest marriage (55 hours to be exact). As much as I adored my new look thanks to Basement Salon Shang, I guess I just wasn’t ready to go full on unicorn hair just yet. I do hope that one day I can give that a shot. At least I made sure to document it the shirt stint with a look that was lavender locks worthy.

So, how did I make my look match my locks? By wearing pieces that added a subtle pop of color of course! I kept the colors of the main pieces of my look neutral but gave it a little oomph with my choices of accessories. Also, the lavender hue of my hair went perfectly with my cool statement jacket and light blue bag. I hope I get the chance to go lavender again.. And maybe I’ll even try out a brand new cut! But only time will tell and well, let’s see what that does happen. But speaking of new cuts and colors, let me know what things I can do with my hair! I’d love to hear your suggestions and stuff. Comment below and leave links too if you can!

DSC06243 DSC06236 DSC06216 DSC06242 DSC06237 DSC06231 DSC06241

Zara x Maui and Sons Jacket | American Apparel Bodysuit | Topshop Mom Jeans |Gucci Slides | Balenciaga Bag | Ray Ban Sunglasses in the (from Eye Society) | Basement Salon Shang Lavender Hair |

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