Ariana Grande Live In Manila: Dangerous Woman Tour


When I first missed out on Ariana Grande‘s concert in Manila I was legitimately bummed out. I’m not that keen on top 40’s pop music but there’s just something about her voice that’s different, which is why missing out on her concert a couple years back made me sad. Luckily, she decided to come back for her Dangerous Woman tour and this time I made sure to be at the concert no matter what! Before kick-starting the concert Ariana actually had a 10 minute countdown that got the crowd (and I included) going nuts cause we all just couldn’t stand the wait any longer!


Finally, Ariana opened up the concert sining one of my favorite songs, Be Alright which immediately got the entire area singing and dancing. I swear I got goosebumps each time she would start a new song because the entire crowd would be singing so loud that their voices would echo around the arena. Crazy, right?


I was surprised at the talent Ariana had. She sang (live mind you), danced, walked around the stage and more — now that is a total performer. And in sky high heels I must add.




The arena went crazy when Ariana started singing Side to Side. This one was one of my favorites cause of the indoor cycling bikes.. My favorite workout ever!


Another one of my favorite Ariana tracks? Greedy! If you haven’t given it a listen do me a favor and do it now. You’ll thank me later.


I really find it awesome when artists take the time out to speak to the crowd and Ariana did that countless times which left her fans gushing, screaming, shouting and more!


Her concert got very sentimental at one point. She sang Thinking Bout You which she dedicates to the LGBT community. Like Ariana, I too believe that LOVE IS LOVE and that no one should take that for force that away from anyone no matter what. I applaud Ariana Grande for taking a stand for the LGBT community during her concerts. A few songs after, she sang Somewhere Over the Rainbow which she started singing after what happened at Manchester. This part made me tear up. Not only did Ariana sing beautifully but it was such a solemn moment during the concert as well. The vibe and the feels all around was just.. Gosh.. I can’t even find the right words to describe it. So with the lack of a better term let’s say that it was just so moving.


She closed the concert with Into You and her encore performance was of course Dangerous Woman but Nicole and I decided to beat the traffic and rush home. Also cause I was very happy that I caught all the songs I really wanted to hear her sing live.


Btw, I just want to thank my Smart family for the amazing opportunity to get to watch Ariana Grande! Definitely a life changing concert that will forever be one for the books for me. Believe it or not, even almost a month after the concert I am still on a Ariana high one way or another. Alrighty then, I sure do hope you enjoyed this concert post! I wanted to try something new with the photo editing for this post so if you like it let me know, some feedback would be nice. Also, let me know our favorite Ari tracks below! Anywhoo, till the next concert!

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