Bench Fashion Week Holiday 2017 Show


Bench started the Bench Fashion Week just recently and every year they never fail to surprise me! The show collections from brands they own, brands they believe in as well as young designers with huge talent. I watched the first show of the holiday season which featured Kamiseta, Vero Moda and my personal favorite, Pio Pio! Such a diverse set of brands for the first day and I was glad to have been able to watch it. So, with that said allow me to show you some photos pf my favorite pieces and portions of the first day of Bench Fashion Week Holiday 2017..



The first portion of the show featured Bench’s own, Kashieca. A very girly brand that focuses on very trendy and feminine pieces. Showcasing a good number of pastels, prints and a bit of shine was what they did and it was surely very eye catching. I fell in love with a lot of the bottoms they featured so got to make my way to Kashieca soon. Also, muses Kelsey Merritt and Carla Abellana graced the runway — gosh they’re gorgeous!


Styling was so on point!

DSC08282 DSC08284 DSC08287 DSC08293 DSC08296 DSC08302 DSC08306 DSC08314

NEED these pants!

DSC08317 DSC08319 DSC08321 DSC08322

This dress! Such a great color palette for the holiday season.

DSC08324 DSC08327

So in love with the outfit Kelsey wore!

DSC08330 DSC08332


Now for a more casual yet contemporary portion by Vero Moda. They featured a good amount of layering, prints and a good amount of accessorizing. Featuring pastel hues as well and a good amount of day to night looks. Also got to swing by a Vero Moda for some work pieces that I can also use out at night!

DSC08340 DSC08344 DSC08347 DSC08349 DSC08352 DSC08358 DSC08363 DSC08365


I won’t lie, they did save the best for last. When the lights dimmed down and a live percussion duo started banging on some drums I knew it was time for PioPio! I’ve been a follower of their account for some time now and I was ecstatic to hear that were in the show. They have locally made products made from local materials, each piece is definitely cool and surely something you don’t see everyday. The styling was beyond awesome and the music surely got the crowd tapping their toes!

DSC08368 DSC08369

This set!! Ugh, so awesome!


Instead of the usual walking down the runway, they made their models dance and strut instead. It gave the show such an awesome vibe.

DSC08373 DSC08374 DSC08379 DSC08381


DSC08383 DSC08384

This jacket though!

DSC08386 DSC08387 DSC08389

So fun! They accessorized with tasseled boots and booties, fresh flowers and feather crowns made by indigenous tribes!


I’m all about this look!!


I also need this jacket!!

DSC08396 DSC08397 DSC08400 DSC08401

Look at those details! Amazing. I have no words.

DSC08402 DSC08403 DSC08404 DSC08405

If only I got to stand and dance along with them, haha!

DSC08407 DSC08409 DSC08411 DSC08412 DSC08418 DSC08421

The lovely ladies behind PioPio

DSC08422DSC08429 DSC08426 2

CONGRATULATIONS on yet another successful Bench Fashion Show to everyone behind it. Such an amazing set of shows and definitely packed full of talent, style and uniqueness. Looking forward to the next ones and cannot wait to see what these brands showcase next. So exciting!

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