Gone Green


Alright, if it isn’t obvious enough these photos were shot awhile back (I don’t know if you can tell by the color of my hair) but I only got around to uploading them now. Better late than never, right? Anyway, wore this gorgeously emerald green dress one afternoon out with the family and much to their surprise I wore heels out that day. Honestly, I don’t really wear heels that often all because I just can’t last an entire day or even just a few hours in them, gone are the days I’d wear them out like a pair of flip flops I tell you. But for some reason this green dress just called out for a pair of heels to give it justice so I did just that and well, I have no regrets! Maybe I should ditch the flats for some heels a bit more often, what do you think?

DSC06643 DSC06576 DSC06649 DSC06594 DSC06556 DSC06548 DSC06629 DSC06651 DSC06587 DSC06568 DSC06685 DSC06639 DSC06557

Zara Dress and Heels | Céline Bag | Basement Salon Shang Cut and Color |

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