Growing up my favorite color was always purple but as I grew older my favorite color evolved as well, from the usual lush shade I now go for a more muted option which is lilac. From my hair color (which was legit lilac but it faded already) to this sweater and loads of other things I own — it’s pretty evident that lilac is my favorite hue. Speaking of my sweater, I was able to find this online and there’s even a story behind it! I used to just see it on ads and on random photos on Instagram and loved it so much I even have a screenshot saved on my laptop. I tried looking but never really found out where to buy it. Months passed and for some reason I just so happened to chance upon a website and VOILA! I finally found it on Romwe and well as you can tell, the rest is history.

I’ve been stocking up on sweaters cause the weather here in Manila has been pretty strange, I know it’s always been this way buy you can never have too much sweaters especially cause the temperature is going to cool down soon and it won’t hurt to have another sweater in your closet. Since I wanted to play around with tints, hues and colors, for this outfit I wore these jeans which have awesome patches on them! They gave this cool vibrant color accent to the rather tamed shade of lilac my sweater was so both complimented each other.

DSC08711 DSC08799 DSC08694 DSC08698 DSC08709 DSC08748 DSC08701 DSC08788

The zippers on the sweater are actually functional! I can unzip them for a cooler vibe when I get to wear this sweater again.

DSC08703 DSC08765

BTW! Shoutout to Fendi of Basement Salon Shang for always working wonders on my hair! My last color went from lilac, to dusty rose and now practically blonde! I’m actually on the hunt for new hair colors and styles so if you have suggestions voice them out on my Instagram post HERE so I can get some much needed inspiration from you all.

DSC08795 DSC08693 DSC08782 DSC08725 DSC08766

Romwe Sweater | Zara Jeans | Aldo Boots | Céline Bag | Topshop Belt | Basement Shang Cut and Color |

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