Ride With Me and H&M Sport


If you read my previous blog entry, you’ll know that I am a proud Electric Studio indoor cycling instructor! So 2018 is all about fitness, positivity, love, sweat and gratitude for me. It’s even better when brands take notice of the other things I do outside of my being a blogger. With that said, I was approached by H&M to do a special private ride for them and guess what.. I get to invite FIVE lucky blog readers! Yup, you heard that right.


So, if you want to take part in a fun and endorphin filled spin class with me and H&M at Electric Studio on the 16th of January then here’s what you have to do.. Simply tell me why you deserve one of the five bikes in the comment section below and the one with the best answer wins! Don’t forget to include your Instagram handle so I know who to tag and DM when I’ve chosen. I’ll be picking the five by Saturday, the 13th of January and announcing all the winners on the 14th. Good luck, everyone! Also, the details of the ride are all on the photo above and for reference, the Makati studio is located at Salcedo just in case you were wondering (haha)!


Get ready for an awesome afternoon that’ll leave you feeling electric after. I hope to see you on the bike! For now, brb.. Gotta work on a rockin’ playlist for this ride!

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  1. Yasmeen Al Fardy on

    Hi, Patricia!❤ I am definitely one of those persons who promise to get fit but never follow through. 😭 I am slowly working on my diet (because they say abs are made in the kitchen😅) but I never find myself exerting effort to work out. I’ve read though that we just have to find a work out we enjoy to help keep us consistent, and riding in a spin class LOOKS AND SOUNDS like so much fun! I’ve never tried it, but I am super willing to and I’m hoping that I win this free ride!!! Either way, I know that my fitness journey MUST begin. Haha! 😂 God bless you, Patrish! You’re the 💣!!! 😘
    ( IG: @ysmnaaaa )

  2. Charisse Monilla on

    Hi Pat,

    Just like you, I wanna focus on my fitness/health this 2018. I’ve reached my heaviest last year and would like to make bawi this time. Hoping to try your indoor cycling class, and see if it is for me.

    Much love,

  3. Marrianne Luzzete Gilhang on

    Hi Patricia! Congratulations for being an awesome addition to the Electric Studio family! 🙂 I have started my fitness journey since 2016 since well, being in our 20’s really start us up in becoming more concious of our overall well-being, and not just of how good we look. I do not really follow a strict diet but I listen to what my body tells me, which most of the time is “eat what you want”. Hahahaha! Luckily, I am used to a very active lifestyle. I run, weightlift, and do crossfit. But another thing my body usually tell me is that it’s still an amateur in cycling. And I’m not really ashamed of it. We all have our different paths toward fitness, all it takes is consistency and patience. I would really love to try one of your classes and hopefully learn a thing or two about how I can improve my performance. Hope to see you soon! 🙂

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