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Since I started going to spin classes, I always found it hard for me to find the right pair of leggings to wear. Some were too short, some weren’t hight waisted enough, and some just didn’t fit right. Luckily Nike came out with this collection called the Nike Pant Studio wherein they created 9 different styles and designs based of various kinds of workouts. From spin classes, to cross fit training, to yoga — Nike has got you covered! Luckily I was given the opportunity to get to try four out of nine designs and here I am writing a review for you guys. Believe me when I say this, my points and views are not biased. I tried each style given to me and these are my true feelings and reviews about them. With that all said, watch my latest vlog entry to catch a glimpse of what I wore and I’ll talk about it more after. So, here goes!

Forgive the video, I’m not much of an editor but I tried my best! For those wondering these are the pants I tried and used throughout the video:


Log more miles, hands-free! When you’re on a run that doesn’t involve bursts of all-out effort, your body requires less range of motion. As you get tired, you rely more on your core strength to keep your form from going out the window.


WORKOUT LOOK: Nike printed tank, black sports bra and Giro cycling shoes

EVERYDAY LOOKNike printed tank, denim Forever 21 jacket, Sunnies Studios cap and Nike sneakers.


Push, pull, lunge, squat, bend and rotate! When it comes to making training tights, designers focus on the six core movements.


WORKOUT LOOKNike purple and pink sports bra, Giro cycling shoes

EVERYDAY LOOKPenshoppe sweater, Polo Bag, Nike Sneakers, Frency and Mercury sunglasses


Get your spin on! During a spin class, the bike may not move. But you certainly do. You’ll alternate between heavy seated climbs, where your torso is lengthened forward; standing climbs, where you raise your hips and shift them back over the saddle while reaching for the end of the handlebars; you’ll do sprints, get in and out of the saddle and sometimes even pick up light weights. And the vibe is typically intense.


WORKOUT LOOKNike sports bra, Nike rubber shoes (before & after), Giro cycling shoes

EVERYDAY LOOKSunnies Studios sweater, Nike sneakers, canvas pouch


Flow, pulse or pile! When you’re doing movements that focus on posture, such as yoga, Pilates and types of dance including ballet, you want to get as much length through your spine and to feel grounded in your feet.


WORKOUT LOOK: black sports bra, Nike rubber shoes(before & after), Giro cycling shoes

EVERYDAY LOOKCotton On neon top, Topshop denim jacket, Nike sneakers, American Apparel pouch

All in all, each of the Nike pants fit great and did their magic! Though I understand that to others it may come off a tad bit pricey but trust me, these pants are worth every cent spent. Not only do they may you look good while working out, but they make you look good doing pretty much anything! Like I mentioned in my vlog, my favorite one would have to be the YOGA pair of pants cause of the fact that it’s high waisted and cause it’s long in terms of the length of the pants. I also really enjoy wearing the ones made for spin classes — they really do keep you cool the entire time. I’ll be sure to constantly wear these so don’t judge me if you see me repeating these looks a good number of times, especially when I’m at Electric Studio! Btw, allow me to promote myself, hope to see you on the bike one of these days. I usually teach at BGC or Podium so will constantly be announcing my classes on Instagram so turn those notifications on and make sure to watch my stories to make sure you get to see when I’m teaching! x

*Pants info from THIS Nike article*

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    Wow! Nike is indeed an investment 🙂 The styling ideas are limitless! I will save up and buy my own too.

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