The My Shopping Box Experience


Online shopping wasn’t something I’d do very often cause I’m the type of person who never gave it the time of day. I knew that it was a huge hassle to online shop and ship to the Philippines cause of the whole thing about customs and all that. That was up until I discovered My Shopping Box! I’ve used this service a couple years back and I have no regrets, my package arrived on time (a few days early actually, lucky me), safe and unharmed! This is the type of service that all us online shopping lovers should use.


But before you all go online and start shopping here’s what you’ve gotta do. First, you have to visit the My Shopping Box website and register. Once that’s all set and done, you’ll be provided with an American and European addresses for you to use whenever you enter you shipping details online.


Once you’ve approved of the items MSB receives, all you gotta do is pick how it gets here, pay for shipping and wait! I personally suggest you all downloading the My Shopping Box App, it’s an easier way to keep track of your parcels and their delivery status. I turn on the notifications so I know about any important alerts.


Now, on to what I got.. So this time around I decided to treat myself to a few things — a new iPhone X case from Casetify and a workout set from Outdoor Voices. I was actually worried cause when I placed my OV order cause the snow storm in the East Coast was going on and I didn’t know if it would make it in time to be shipped along with my case. Luckily it arrived on time and I didn’t have another online shopping horror story to tell.

DSC00013 DSC00016 DSC00022

Remember all my stories? Well, this is what it looked like!


Again, thank you to My Shopping Box for taking amazing care of all my things! I’m looking forward to doing more online shopping with you. Till my next package!

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  1. Louella Vanessa on

    So informative!! At least it didn’t became one of those traumatic online shopping experience. I’m glad that your stuff were delivered unscathed. It was really fun watching your IG stories about the arrival of these goodies awwee 💖💖

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